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Beautytap Affiliate Program


Thank you for your interest in the Beautytap affiliate program!




We’ve worked hard to create a system that truly rewards our affiliates. Here’s what you can expect:


* 7.5% starting commission rate, with promotional and performance-based commission rate increases


* $50 bonus on the first $50 in commissions earned


* Sitewide commissions: Unlike some other affiliate programs, Beautytap affiliates earn commissions for all products purchased after clicking their links, not just the specific products linked!


* 7-day cookies: Most affiliate programs’ cookies are only valid for 24 hours, meaning you only receive commissions on purchases made within 24 hours of clicking your link. Beautytap offers a 7-day cookie so you can earn commissions for repeat customers you’ve referred.


Monthly affiliate incentives: Affiliates who earn at least $50 in commission in a single month will receive a specially curated box of products to review the next month. The top 3 earners in each month will also receive their choice of products to review for the upcoming month, up to $100 retail value. 



* An extensive range of K-beauty products from mainstream and indie brands to feature


* Ongoing campaign and collaboration opportunities


* Custom coupon codes and affiliate-specific promotions to offer your followers


Ready to join? Create a user account on Beautytap if you haven’t already, then contact opportunities@beautytap.com with your Beautytap login email and, if different, the email associated with your PayPal, Moneybooks, or other payment account.


We look forward to working with you!