Get Wonder Woman’s Makeup Look With These K-Beauty Powerhouses

wonder woman's makeup look

Proof that pretty and powerful can go hand-in-hand, Wonder Woman is helping to redefine the look of strength, whether on the battlefield or in the battlefield of life. Here’s how you can achieve Wonder Woman’s makeup look with K-beauty products you probably already own.



Wonder Woman isn’t just another superhero movie. It’s the first movie millions have watched that features a female superhero (directed by a woman, no less!). And Gal Gadot’s rendition of the iconic Wonder Woman isn’t overly cloying or aggressively fierce — she combines courage with compassion, strength with gentleness. I saw the movie twice, with two different girlfriends who were going through tough times. We gripped the edges of our seats as Wonder Woman strode into the battlefield, deflecting hailstorms of bullets with her arms. We cheered her on as she firmly and resolutely put the powerful men about her in their place. Wonder Woman isn’t just the story of an exceptionally strong female; it felt like a paean to all women, to the strength that women display on a daily basis as they navigate work, love, ambition, and desire.


wonder woman makeup look
Warner Bros.


I watched it twice and left the theater simultaneously thrilled and teary-eyed. In subsequent (nerdy) discussions over gender equality with friends, our conversations would occasionally deviate to:


“Did you notice how perfect her hair and makeup was in that battlefield?”


“Tell me about it! I wish my makeup would last through lunchtime, let along the Western Front!”


wonder woman makeup look
Warner Bros.


Wonder Woman’s alter ego Diana Prince isn’t afraid of using clothes and makeup as disguise and battle strategy. One of my favorite scenes includes her trying on Edwardian garments and asking incredulously, “But how do you fight in these?”


Sometimes I wear makeup to fight: to fight the fatigue of a long day, to look competent so I feel competent. The K-beauty junkie in me was also scrutinizing each scene and wondering how I could use my Korean beauty products to achieve Wonder Woman’s makeup looks. Here, I put together a list of Korean beauty products that I (and my fellow K-beauty junkies) can use to achieve Wonder Woman’s makeup look, whether on the battlefield or off.



As Fresh and Fierce as an Amazon


wonder woman makeup look
Warner Bros.


Diana, Princess of Themyscira (her official name), wears two major makeup looks, and the first underscores her youthfulness in her homeland. Her makeup is deliberately subtle and highlights her journey as she embarks on rigorous training and attempts to live as an Amazonian princess. The key pillars of this look are groomed eyebrows, soft, full lips, and fresh-looking skin.


Tattooed eyebrows are a hot trend in Korea right now, but for those without the means, Tony Moly offers a less invasive and less painful eyebrow tattoo pen that keeps your brows looking perfectly groomed for up to seven days. For lips, Diana alternates between peach and nude shades so a subtle lip tint such as The Face Shop’s lip tint sticks would complement this look perfectly. Apply a lip balm first to maximize moisture — Skinfood’s Avocado Olive lip balm comes in an adorable avocado-shaped container and contains hydrating avocado and olive oils.


Gal Gadot’s makeup artist Sarah Brock revealed that she used a few key products and blended a lot in order to achieve a look as close to fresh, dewy skin as possible, stressing the importance of cream-based products over powder. Since Korea is the leader in the BB cream craze, I’d recommend Dr.Jart+ Dis-a-Pore Beauty Balm, which treats pores and blemishes while blurring them from sight. It’s also paraben-free and contains herbal extracts to add luster to your skin.


My Makeup Helps Me Win Wars


wonder woman makeup look
Warner Bros.


OK, not really, but sometimes I do feel I have more fight in me when I look more put-together. For Wonder Woman’s battle-ready looks, I’m reaching for skincare products that are formulated with longevity in mind. Start with skincare like Su:m 37’s Secret Repair Toner, which helps smooth and hydrate your skin, restoring bounce and vitality. While this toner is geared towards dry, mature skin, it works well on my oily-combination skin and helps brighten and moisturize it.


Diana’s Wonder Woman look is a fiercer, stronger version of her Themyscira look, proving that you don’t have to do an overhaul just to get battle- (or club-) ready. The thinnest line of black emphasizes the eyes, so choosing one that won’t smudge or budge in the heat of war is key. (After all, Wonder Woman doesn’t have the luxury of hiding behind a mask). Tony Moly Back Gel Eyeliner or Clio Kill Black Waterproof Pen Liner has been tested by many and really will last all day. And a fixing mascara not only keeps lashes curled, it opens up your eyes for a look that’s alert and ready (no matter how little sleep you may have gotten).


Wonder Woman also looks more chiseled and contoured when in battle gear, but Brock says that she relied more on highlighter and concealer to contour Gadot’s already perfect cheekbones. The Face Shop’s Multi Stick Highlighter is an easy-to-apply stick with a barely-visible pearlescent shine that’ll make highlighting a cinch. If you prefer a more visible contour, Etude House Play 101 Stick Color Contour Duo makes it easy to contour and blend and highlight with one convenient cream stick.


Last but not least, sun protection is vital, whether you’re powering through a memo by an office window or fighting the crowds at a Fourth of July parade. The Saem’s Eco Earth Power Waterproof sunblock provides strong sun protection while resisting sweat and oiliness, while A’Pieu Pure Block Aqua Sun Gel is a favorite for its nearly invisible finish and quick dry-down.


What makeup keeps you feeling like a badass superhero in your everyday life? Let us know!

A Perfect Match: Nam Ji Hyun’s Makeup Look in Suspicious Partner

makeup look in suspicious partner

She may be accused of murdering her no-good, cheating ex-boyfriend, but it’s her on-point makeup that’s killing us beauty fans. Get inspired by Eun Bong Hee’s vulnerability and flawless makeup look in Suspicious Partner, the hottest K-drama rom-com of the season.



When I’m not swooning over Ji Chang Wook’s sensitive and adorkable lawyer Noh Ji Wook in Suspicious Partner, I’m spending a great deal of time marveling over how radiant Nam Ji Hyun’s lawyer character, Eun Bong Hee, looks in this drama. Nam’s makeup and styling have lifted her out of my memories of her as a child actress, and she looks lovely, grown-up and poised.


Hold up. A drama heroine looking poised? Damn, now I no longer have any excuse to roll into work with barely brushed hair.


How does she look so pretty and put-together? Her makeup and styling radiate both vivacity and elegance, subverting the typical look of the impoverished yet lovable drama heroine, whose forays into fashion usually end up a flailing mess.


Perhaps more than any other drama heroine this year, Eun Bong Hee’s makeup emphasizes and accentuates her beauty in ways that make drama watchers sit up and take notice. Not only is her makeup fresh and attractive, you get the feeling both Nam Ji Hyun and her stylist are having fun. Bong Hee is unabashedly herself, whether strolling to trial in a power suit, peering over thick glasses, or declaring her love in the middle of the night. And her makeup is just as fun and pretty and unique as she is. She awakens a fresh love of makeup in me, the desire to try out new looks, to search for products that refresh and excite through the chaos of everyday.


Here’s how to get Eun Bong Hee’s makeup look in Suspicious Partner.


Lay that foundation


makeup look in suspicious partner


And when I mean foundation, I mean skincare. Well-nourished skin is the perfect canvas for a smooth application of makeup. Start with Innisfree’s Green Tea Cleansing Foam and Mamonde’s Rose Water Toner. There’s something about green tea and roses that chime in perfect sync with the season. If you want to take your skincare to the next level, try Laneige’s Water Sleeping Mask in Lavender. The lavender scent calms the senses and readies you for a refreshing sleep, and you’ll awaken to a complexion that’s both soothed and hydrated. If you want to incorporate a brightening sheet mask, try Too Cool for School’s Egg Cream Mask for soft, bright skin.


Go for airbrushed


makeup look in suspicious partner


A departure from the typically dewy look that many Korean celebrities favor on- and off-screen, Eun Bong Hee’s face looks quite matte. She seems to have achieved that rare balance between dripping wet shiny and sandpaper dry. If you want to get a similarly velvety complexion, I recommend Pony Effect Seamless Foundation with Pony Effect Mattifying Blur Powder to achieve that airbrushed look.


You appeal to me


makeup look in suspicious partner


Bong Hee’s eye makeup emphasizes her baby face and naiveté, which is a trait that seems to draw in Noh Ji Wook’s caring nature. Mascara and pencil liner are applied with a light hand, together with eyeshadows in peach and pastel shades, a look favored by K-drama heroines and celebrities alike. Try It’s Skin Babyface Mellow Stick Eye Shadow for an easy-to-do, long-lasting eye color. For mascara, Skinfood’s Rootcurl Mascara both sets and conditions your lashes with black sesame extract and argan oil for a wide-eyed look.


That lippy lawyer


makeup look in suspicious partner


As an attorney, Bong Hee is a fast talker, and her lip colors — a carousel of spring-reminiscent hues — make just as much of a statement. Unabashedly feminine, her lips are all roses and pinks, with an occasional foray into light pastel colors that remain a shade above nude. To balance out a demi-matte complexion, rather than lip stains, I recommend lip crayons and lipsticks that moisturize your lips and keep them supple. Try Innisfree’s popular Real Fit Velvet lipsticks for a velvety lip or The Saem’s Triple Tinted Lipstick if you want to do your gradient lip look with the convenience of a lipstick. Another unique product to try is Etude House’s Color Fix Top Coat, which “sets” your lipstick, preventing unsightly smudging. With avocado oil and shea butter, it also moisturizes your lips, which combats the drying effect some lipsticks tend to have.


“You’re dirty but pretty”


makeup look in suspicious partner


That hilarious line delivered by Noh Ji Wook reflects Bong Hee’s famous work ethic, which means that hygiene tends to fall off her ladder of priorities. And I’ve personally been there — so busy with projects and deadlines that I actually forget to wash my hair. Here’s a reputation-saving product for ladies in the same sinking ship: hair mist. 3CE has a range of oil-infused hair mists that smooth snarled, dry hair, leaving hair looking and smelling fresh. The mists range from citrusy to floral; spritz a few pumps onto your palms and run your hands through your locks before you run out that door. They’ll never know you forgot to wash your hair.


All photos courtesy of SBS

Look Sweet, Kick Ass: Makeup Inspiration From Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon

do bong-soon

Just because you’ve got superhuman strength (or even if you’re just a do-it-all everywoman) doesn’t mean you can’t rock a lip tint like a superstar. Follow Do Bong-Soon’s lead for an angelic makeup look that kicks butt.



When Korean drama Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon premiered this past spring, it gained an ardent fan following for its unique premise and endearing heroine whose angelic face masks her superhuman strength. The title character Do Bong-Soon (played by Park Bo Young) has a style that is fresh and pretty, her outward naiveté in strong contrast with her secret powers. I see Bong-Soon’s radiant appearance, coupled with her vivid personality, as encouragement to women everywhere to have confidence in their strengths and subvert gender stereotypes. So rock that doll-face with boss-lady confidence! Here’s how you can get her look.


Define Those Brows

Official jtbc Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon Facebook page
JTBC Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon


Women around the world have embraced bold brows with a passion, and a whole range of tools exist to bring density and fullness to your brows. Innisfree has a super helpful self-eyebrow kit to help groom those wayward brows, while Missha and Tony Moly offer seven days tinted eyebrow pens in both brown and black — the results last for about a week, minimizing grooming time and perfect for you high-powered, busy types. Another fan favorite is Banila Co.’s Love Tint Eyebrow Pen. The trick is to use a light hand when filling in eyebrows in order to give them a natural look. Park Bo Young’s perfectly done eyebrows frame her expressive eyes and enhance her naïve ingenue aura.


Lengthen Those Lashes

Official jtbc Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon Facebook page
JTBC Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon


Bo-young’s eye makeup is minimal here with soft pink eyeshadow and a thin line of gel liner doing most of the heavy lifting. Ameli’s Sweet Diamond Eyeshadow in Mango Bubble Smoothie and Iope’s Perfect Drawing Gel Liner can help you achieve Bo Young’s eye look, and if you really want to ramp up your innocent-doll look, I recommend The Face Shop’s Pro Eyelashes in 09 Real.


Face Your Fears

Official jtbc Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon Facebook page
JTBC Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon


Our face is often a canvas reflecting our emotions: Our cheeks redden with embarrassment or anger; our face whitens with fear. Express yourself like our heroine with a very light color on your cheeks. Skinfood’s Rose Essence Soft Cream blusher gives you a light dusting of color that will awaken thoughts of spring and romance. I also recommend The History of Whoo’s Whitening Powder Pact to achieve a nice porcelain doll (not scared as a ghost) effect.


Love Those Lips

Official jtbc Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon Facebook page
JTBC Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon


Bo Young’s lip colors in Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon have tempted me to run out and buy a whole new selection of lip products in fresh pink tones. Her lip colors hint at the joy and effervescence of spring, especially after a long winter. I recommend lip tints over lipsticks, as lip tints tend to have longer staying power and often fade to a softly bitten look that is very flattering. If you’re a lip tint newbie, The Face Shop’s Tint Stick comes in four delectably soft spring colors that are easy to apply, while It’s Skin’s Babyface Oil Tints have been lauded in the beauty blogosphere for their staying power and hydrating qualities.


Do Bong-Soon is not only a winsome character but she inspires us to embrace our strengths and our passions, our unique qualities that may not always vibe with gender stereotypes. Whether you’re a kickboxer with a penchant for lipstick or a student who wears her best mascara to the library (gotta look good for those books!), here’s to ushering in a new season with renewed hope and vitality!

Have you ever been inspired by a Korean drama to try a new makeup look? Let us know!


Water-Enriched Skincare Inspired by Jun Ji Hyun’s Mermaid Beauty

innisfree lava seawater water-enriched skincare BANNER

Got mermaid envy? Jun Ji Hyun’s glistening, dewy complexion can be yours with water-enriched skincare products that treat your skin with the benefits of deep sea and mineral water — no diving necessary.



When Jun Ji Hyun first burst out of the ocean in the hit Korean drama The Legend of the Blue Sea, we were all glued to our screens, marveling over her radiant, glistening skin and wondering, “Does she ever age?”


water-enriched skincare


In fact, watching her beautiful and funny character, the Joseon era mermaid Shim Chung, as she made the voyage from the ocean to land, made me reflect on the associations between beauty and the sea. Numerous skincare companies have been touting seawater and mineral water as a main ingredient lately. The most popular, Laneige’s Water Bank line, features mineral water for its high silica content, which fortifies the spongy layers of cells between collagen and elastin fibres, thereby slowing down the appearance of fine lines. And while most beauty products have water as an ingredient or base, the new water-enriched skincare is more than just water-based — they harness mineral water or seawater to provide specific skincare benefits beyond just feeling lightweight.


Once I discovered water-enriched skincare products, I was an instant convert. As someone who struggles with combination skin, I’ve had an especially hard time finding products that don’t cause me to break out. Water-enriched moisturizers plump up my skin and glide on effortlessly, transforming my tired morning face and readying me for the day ahead. And I carry sample size vials of these products on long-haul flights to escape dehydrated skin and puffy eyes upon arrival.


Ready to try some water-enriched skincare? Here, some of my favorites.


innisfree lava seawater essence water-enriched skincare


Innisfree Jeju Lava Seawater Essence contains 84.5% lava seawater from the volcanic island of Jeju, together with its staple ingredient of green tea. Seawater is thought to contain restorative benefits for the skin, composed of rich nutrients from marine life such as kelp and seaweed. In addition, this seawater has been filtered through volcanic ash, which has traditionally been mixed with mud to purify the skin. The result is an essence that packs a powerful punch to tired skin. It feels light and fresh, and the slight scent of lavender is especially refreshing.


Thousands of sleeping mask converts swear by Laneige’s Water Sleeping Mask. At first I was wary of applying it before bed but have been impressed by how supple and glowing my skin looks first thing in the morning. The price is worth the satisfaction of the “I woke up like this!” feeling that this mask evokes.


Etude House’s Pure Baobab Moist Cream makes use of an intriguing type of water: that stored in baobab trees. Baobab trees are found in the arid savannahs of Asia and sub-Saharan Africa and are renowned for surviving periods of drought due to water stored in their trunks. Etude House claims that baobabs have intensive water-retaining properties, and the moisturizer contains no strong scent. Use it for the fun factor of relying on an ingredient both ancient and practical and for the refreshing burst of moisture it gives to your cheeks.


nature republic aqua water-enriched skincare


Nature Republic is a great mid-range brand that caters to oily and combination skin, and their Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream has garnered rave reviews (including Korea’s top beauty show Get It Beauty) for providing moisture without clogging pores. It features deep ocean water from Kona, Hawaii, and is an ideal daily cream that lets you go about your day without worrying about dryness and flakes.


Though the Tony Moly Pure Eco Bamboo Cleansing Water is not a moisturizer, this light and airy cleansing water, made with 90% mineral- and amino acid-rich Damyang bamboo water, hydrates skin as it cleanses without stripping. It’s cooling and soothing and especially recommended for those with oily, combination, or sensitive skin. Another gentle water cleanser is Primera’s Chamomile Cleansing Water, which utilizes chamomile water to soothe and cleanse while hydrating skin.


Of course, no story about Jun Ji Hyun’s beauty look in a drama can end without a mention of her lip color. She is, after all, an actress whose lip colors sell out worldwide in a matter of minutes. Shim Chung’s pout in The Legend of the Blue Sea was acquired through a light application of Hera’s Rouge Holic 147 Supreme Lipstick, which is reportedly sold out almost everywhere except here at W2Beauty. Just a touch of color on your lips will go beautifully with your newfound hydrated, dewy look.


Beauty Lessons From Memorable Korean Drama Makeovers

Han-Hyo-Joo-W-2 (1) korean drama makeovers

Yes, we love a good makeover, especially in a K-drama. But we can also learn a thing or two about the difference a good lip tint, a waterproof eyeliner, and most of all, some confidence can make in our own self-esteem.



The makeover is practically an institution in Korean dramas. And while most makeovers tend to focus on plastic surgery and drastic weight loss (Birth of a Beauty and Oh My Venus), there have been some memorable Korean drama makeovers featuring nothing more a good application of makeup, a trip to the salon, and some well-fitting clothes. Not only do these makeovers feel slightly more accessible to the everyday drama addict — especially since I know the male lead will love them even if they’re wearing a plastic bag — but I’ve taken away a few beauty (and even life) lessons from these Korean drama makeovers. Here, some of my favorites.


Scent of a Woman: Life’s short so I’ll decide what I look like


SCENT OF A WOMAN korean drama makeovers


There’s nothing like impending death to make you realize that you’ve been missing out on life. The fabulous Kim Sun Ah’s Lee Yeon Jae is a haggard workaholic when Scent of a Woman starts out, but upon receiving the shocking news that her life is soon to be curtailed, she throws her inhibition to the wind and starts living the life she’s always dreamed of. Her glamorous outfits and pretty, luminous makeup looks are reflections of the joy she’s found in daring to live out her dreams, but rather than allowing makeup to dictate her mood, it’s her effervescence that enlivens her complexion. (Just look at her before:)


korean drama makeovers


Rich, subtly tinted lip colors and flawless mascara help mask Yeon Jae’s illness and allow her to have confidence in her appearance. To get that same look, I like Pony Effect Velvet Lipsticks for the way these lipsticks glide on my lips and stay put through a long day. Missha’s Rolly Curl Mascara is just as durable and promises volume without embarrassing smudging or flaking. Hera’s Cell Bio Cream is pricey, but it’s worth the investment, as a little goes a long way, and a nightly application ensures that at least you look like you got eight hours of sleep.


Coffee Prince: Makeovers aren’t easy


coffee prince makeover korean drama makeovers


Makeup is more complicated than it seems. Coffee Prince’s Go Eun Chan realizes this the hard way when she gets all dolled up to meet Han Sung and ends up overdoing it. To his credit, Han Sung gently steers her to a “real” makeover, complete with luscious brown wig and pretty dress. The point isn’t that Eun Chan has to be made beautiful but rather that she can feel feminine, a feeling that is a luxury in her hectic workday life.


For those of us who are like Eun Chan and know precious little about makeup, I recommend easy products that don’t require too much time or effort. Tony Moly’s Petit Bunny Gloss Bars come in such cute packaging and puts the fun back in makeup, while Innisfree’s Eco Tints give a hint of natural lip colour without going overboard. I also like Clio’s Kill Black Waterproof Pen Liner because it’s the one of the easiest liners out there and gives you neat lines with minimal effort.


Personal Taste: I want people to know I’m a woman!


korean drama makeovers


Sometimes you want a makeover as a gentle reminder to a cruel world that you are a woman and that you deserve to be taken seriously. Son Ye Jin’s Kae In in Personal Taste is administered by her supposedly gay roommate and doesn’t feature a major transformation. She coaxes and begs her erstwhile roommate to give her a makeover not because she feels inferior but because she wants to remind those around her (especially her ex-boyfriend) that she is a human being who deserves to be valued. A new look (even temporary) does not alter a person’s inherent value, but changes can often make people notice you, people who may have taken you for granted. A makeover is so much more than a physical transformation: People’s reasons for wanting change are often complex and speak of a need for a connection rather than mere vanity.


In Kae In’s makeover, the change that stood out the most was her hair. Her character didn’t seem to bother too much with her hair, so when it was curled and coiffed for the makeover, she looked especially elegant.


Your hair is integral to any look, as every woman who has undergone a bad hair day knows. If your hair looks good, two-thirds of the battle is won. But stress, pollution and poor water quality can wreak havoc on your hair, so hair masks like Etude House’s Silk Scarf pampers your stressed-out strands, while a few pumps of Nature Republic’s Argan Oil Essence after your daily styling will ensure your hair is protected as you go out.


W: Another world, another girl


W MAKEOVER korean drama makeovers


Han Hyo Joo’s makeover wasn’t so much a transformation as a mere change of style. She went from scrubs in one world to designer togs in another. I included this drama because I love her styling in Kang Chul’s world: It’s soft and pretty and everything about her look and makeup is so light and effortlessly put together. It’s proof that smart heroines don’t have to dress like drudges.


Han Hyo Joo has a classically sharp facial structure so products such as BB creams and highlighters work especially well to give her face definition without loading it up with color. If you’re on the hunt for makeup that defines without relying on splashes of color, I recommend Iope’s UV Sun Shield BB Bright, which has SPF 50 for sun protection. Laneige’s Water Supreme Powder Pact controls oily shine and keeps those cheekbones matte, while Too Cool For School’s Art Class by Rodin allow you to highlight with precision.


She Was Pretty: She’s pretty when she’s doing what she loves


she was pretty makeover korean drama makeovers


One of my favourite makeovers in dramaland has to be Kim Hye Jin’s (Hwang Jung Eum) makeover in She Was Pretty. The drama subverted many of my expectations in that the male lead never pushed a makeover onto Hye Jin. Her transformation emerged out of her own initiative, an initiative spurred by her employment at a fashion magazine. Subsequently, the emphasis is more on a polished, work-ready look rather than a dripping-with-designer model that most Korean dramas consider makeover standard.


One thing I love about Hye Jin was that she retained her distinctive freckles and curly hair towards the end of the drama, as she found her true calling as a children’s fiction writer. The drama advocates using makeup for your own purposes and acknowledges that desires and appearances change: Nothing is static. The most important thing is embracing who you are at whatever stage you are in life. Hye Jin’s styling wasn’t crazy-drastic: It focused on soft skin and dewy lips and cheeks. To achieve that slow suffusion of color, I’d recommend The Face Shop’s Lovely Pastel Blusher in Rose. Lip tints strike the middle ground between lipstick and lipgloss and give a pop of color to the lips. Etude House’s Rosy Tint Lips come in a variety of luscious shades and are long-lasting so you can forgo frequent touch-ups. 3CE’s Pore Silky Balm controls excess oil and makes your skin appear smoother.


Makeovers aren’t just vanity projects. As these Korean dramas show, women have all sorts of reasons for desiring change. Often, makeup and clothes speak volumes about our emotional health and may contribute to a sense of self, a self that is constantly fluctuating and making itself over. If nothing else, Korean drama heroines have encouraged me to be more adventurous in my own style and to experiment with different looks rather than staying in my comfort zone. And I am often surprised — for different looks do not produce a different me, but rather reveal a different facet of me.


What are your favorite Korean drama makeovers?

Two Beauty Looks Inspired by the Stars of K-Drama Goblin

k-drama goblin Offical tvn facebook banner2

Ready for a new look this spring? Get inspired by the contrasting makeup styles of the two female stars of the hit K-drama Goblin.



Ah, spring! Season of cherry blossoms, lighter coats, and thawing temperatures. Spring puts a new melody on our lips and stirs thoughts of renewal, whether it comes through a good old-fashioned spring cleaning or an update to our staid, old makeup routine.


The wildly popular K-drama Goblin plays on this mélange of external and emotional temperature, with the titular goblin (played by Gong Yoo) possessing the ability to alter weather patterns based on his frame of mind. And if I had a swoony goblin to command, I’d always wish for spring. From the maple-leafed streets of Quebec to windy buckwheat fields, Kim Go-Eun and Yoo In Na, the female leads of Goblin, offer two different fresh-faced, bright-eyed looks that are perfect for your new spring makeover. Here’s how to get it.


Kim Go Eun’s Fresh-Faced Heroine


goblin K-drama Goblin


Actress Kim Go Eun plays high school senior Ji Eun-Tak, and her makeup in the drama emphasizes the youthful and cheerful radiance that draws the goblin to her. Skincare products do most of the heavy lifting here, with essences, serums, and moisturizers ensuring glowing skin, while natural makeup colors keep the look youthful and innocent.


As a high schooler prepping for her university entrance exams, Kim Go Eun’s character does not have a lot of time and neither might you. So after cleansing, start with Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner to calm and soothe skin — it has a slight lavender scent, which is perfect for spring. Then brighten your skin in as little as 10 minutes with Tony Moly Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack. Its fruity mix of tomato, lemon and kiwi extract has an instant brightening effect and will enhance your spring cheeriness. Finish with Laneige Perfect Renew Cream to help nourish your skin and protect it from the vagaries of the changing weather.


Eun-Tak’s makeup is light and minimal, which is ideal for those who prefer a more natural and fresh makeup look. 3CE’s Eye Shadow Palette in Bitter Sweet offers a range of options for soft colors, while Etude House’s Lovely Cookie Blusher imparts a subtle flush to cheeks that will last all day. Top off your look with Innisfree’s Eco Flower Tint Balm for a fresh and natural lip color.


Yoo In Na’s Bold Smooth Talker


K-drama Goblin


In contrast to Eun-Tak, Yoo In Na’s alluring and outspoken Sunny wears bolder makeup looks. As a sassy fried chicken shop owner, Sunny’s makeup has to last all day, so start with Missha’s M Perfect Cover BB Cream, which gives long-lasting coverage and a satiny finish. Then touch up dark circles with The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer to hide signs of long hours and late nights.


Sunny wears thin winged eyeliner, which can be achieved using Tony Moly’s Back Gel Eyeliner, lining as close as possible to your waterline and extending the wing out slightly. But the key to Sunny’s look are her full lips and ever-changing lip colors from pink to orange to red. Plump up your lips with The Face Shop’s Face Modeling Patch Cherry Cherry Lips, then apply any one of the 10 shades of Holika Holika’s Pro:Beauty Tinted Rouge.


So which look is right for you? The innocent and fresh-looking Eun-Tak or the mysterious and forthright Sunny? Why not try both! Let us know which K-drama character’s makeup look you’re inspired by in the comments below.


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