Beauty Expert Program

Welcome to Beautytap!

As the beauty world is rapidly moving into digital, we are offering you, beauty professionals, a unique opportunity to access global brands and train with industry leaders, as you invest in building and growing your career online.

Continue education and exposure to global brands for career opportunities
Free products to review with the ability to earn passive income.
Stand out with a digital profile showcasing your passion and expertise

Our Unique Program

Learn how our Beauty Expert program works. Find out about career opportunities and unique benefits.

4 - Step Application Process

Provide Basic Information

It's as simple as filling up the form below. We also ask for your social media handles to help us grasp your motivation for applying.

Get Samples for Product Review Test

An important criteria for this program is showcasing effective writing skills for product reviews

Profile & Background Check

We'd like to get to know you better we consider your education, professional background, trainings and similar experiences as well as your skills and potentials!


We evaluate candidates using a combination of an internal team and software that helps us to assess all the factors and will let you know within 7 days of your first product review submission.