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Los Angeles Times

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Sun wants Beautytap to become a physical version of the welcoming community they’ve built online.

He wants beauty fans to come hang out, use their Wi-Fi, read curated skincare books, attend events

and try new products they’ll bring in every month without the pressure to buy.


“If you’re reading advice from a professional who’s working on Kim Kardashian’s face, it’s intimidating,” [James] Sun said.

“But if someone is saying, `You have oily skin, and I also have oily skin, let me tell you what works for me.’

That’s way more open and transparent and enjoyable for everyone.”



The Native Society

native society


“Investment in digital content and Instagram have contributed to the digital increase of our business.

We have written over 600 articles just on beauty and it’s led to a 65% organic growth of total traffic from Google.

Opening up a flagship physical store at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa has really invigorated sales and our brand presence.

The initiative to open up physical stores has been a game changer for an online digital company like ours.” — James Sun



Hello Giggles

beautytap in the media

“So imagine how much better it would be if you could have updates on all your favorite K-beauty brands in one convenient place.

With the new online K-beauty shopping destination Beautytap, you can buy all of your favorite makeup and skin care goodies in one place.”




beautytap in the media


“[James] Sun says, ‘My first priority is that we have the best content that’s trusted and authentic.

We write about trends and products and ideas,’ as opposed to straight-up product reviews, though those are definitely there.


“We are defining ourselves as a K-beauty 2.0, which is not only about the next product we’re trying to sell,

but to really be about engaging users to have the conversation so it can grow as a market.” — James Sun




beautytap in the media


“As one of the most innovative markets for skin care, Korea is a top favorite location for stocking up on skin-saving products.

Luckily, Beautytap is our gateway to all things K-beauty without ever having to leave our houses.”



The Daily Dot

“This Korean beauty cult favorite brand has a new skincare line”


beautytap in the media



The Fashion Spot

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Total Beauty

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Elle Malaysia

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New York Magazine

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beautytap in the media