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Beautytap Social Rewards



Get ready to earn points & discounts off your next purchase!



You already know about our social levels — Beautista, Beauty Bae, BB Boss, etc. But did you know that these social levels aren’t just for bragging rights anymore? That’s right — with Beautytap Social Rewards, your social level now determines how much you earn in loyalty points for every purchase you make.


Ever hear of the phrase “the rich get richer”? Well, now YOU have the power to get richer because the more you engage, the higher the social level you can achieve. And the higher your social level, the more loyalty points you earn with every purchase, which you can then redeem for dollar values on future purchases.


Need an example? Just for signing up at, you earn Beautista level. As a Beautista, you earn 1 loyalty point for every dollar you spend at Simple, right? Sephora gives you that, Ulta gives you that.


But what Sephora and Ulta DON’T give you is the opportunity to MULTIPLY your points based on your social level.


Say you’ve posted on your Beauty Wall, reviewed products, and commented on articles. Now you’ve achieved BB Boss status. Well, that means you get 1.2 times the loyalty points for every dollar you spend at Beautytap. Just bought the latest dailytap for $60? You just earned not 60 points but 72 points, just for being a BB Boss. And it only gets better from there. Keep engaging, keep commenting, keep reviewing, and you can earn up to 2 points per dollar spent at Beautytap.


And what do these loyalty points mean? 60 loyalty points get you $2 off your next purchase. 300 loyalty points get you $12 off. 1,000 loyalty points get you a whole $55 off your next purchase! (Because let’s be real: We spend A LOT on K-beauty, and those points can really add up!)


You will also be able to redeem loyalty points for special products each month, so keep an eye out for that in the near future!


We kept most of the levels and loyalty point multipliers a surprise, but here’s a little something so you can see how it works:



Level 1 — Beautista 1x
Level 2 — Beauty Bae 1.1x
Level 3 — BB Boss 1.2x
Next levels — ?? ???



So what are you waiting for? Start engaging on and climb up that social ladder! It costs you NOTHING to engage but you have EVERYTHING to gain!


Check out your rewards by signing in and clicking My Rewards under your profile. If you’re already signed in, click here to see your rewards!


Oh, by the way, did we mention that we’ll be retroactively giving you loyalty points for all your orders placed within the last 12 months at a 1 point per $1 rate? That’s right! It’s the least we can do to thank you for being such a loyal customer. Keep an eye out for those points, which we are working to get into your account within the next few weeks.


Learn more about rewards here.


Have questions about the Beautytap Social Rewards program or found a bug? (Because we’re in the soft launch/beta phase, so we’re really relying on you to tell us what’s working and what’s not!) Email us at!

Best from @beautytapoffical

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