(Available in USA only)

Earn Social Points & Cash Reward Credits

Every user who has a Beautytap account gets 1 reward credit for every $1 spent in our loyalty program. In addition to this, we have a fun way to earn reward credits faster by being an active member in our community with social levels.


You can achieve higher social levels by taking certain actions. The higher your social level, you can earn reward credits at a faster rate. Each higher level gives you a multiplier on your reward credits. 



Here is an example


As a standard user, you earn 1 reward credit for every dollar you spend at But when you reach Bronze status, you get 1.2 times the reward credits for every dollar you spend at Beautytap. Just bought the latest serum for $60? You just earned not 60 reward credits but 72 reward credits with your higher status. 



What are the levels and points needed to achieve them?


Levels Social Points Needed Multiplier for Reward Credits
Standard 0 – 299  1X
Bronze 300 – 999  1.2X
Silver 1000 – 9999  1.4X
Gold 10000 – 29999  1.6X
Platinum 30000 – 99999  2X




How do I increase my levels?



Signing up for an account 25 social pts
Writing a product review  15 social pts
Gaining a new follower 6 social pts
Following another user 2 social pts
Posting a tip on your Q&A Tips 3 social pts
Commenting on editorial article 5 social pts
Receiving a thumbs up on your post or comment 2 social pts
Giving a thumbs up on someone else post or comment 1 social pt
Clicking I Like on a product 2 social pt



How do I get and redeem my Reward Credits?


First, you must have an account set up with for reward credits (guest checkouts don’t give you reward credits). Every dollar you spend gets you reward credits. If you are at a higher social level, you build these reward credits at a faster rate.


When you checkout on any purchases, you will see an option that allows you to use your Reward Credits for cash redemption according to this chart.



60 Reward Credits $2 cash redemption
150 Reward Credits $5 cash redemption
300 Reward Credits $12 cash redemption
500 Reward Credits $20 cash redemption
750 Reward Credits $35 cash redemption
1000 Reward Credits $55 cash redemption







Check out your rewards by signing in and clicking My Rewards under your profile.



* You can not use reward credits to order samples