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Beautytap rewards users for sharing honest and detailed reviews of beauty products.


Our community consists of beauty fans and real beauty experts including estheticians, makeup artists, hair stylists, and industry professionals. Our beauty experts all have verified profiles who have supplied proof of their certifications, licenses, and work history.


You can achieve higher social levels by taking certain actions. The higher your social level, you can earn rewards announced each month like free products, samples, event invitations, and more. 




How do I increase my levels?


Signing up for an account 25 social pts
Writing a product review  15 social pts
Gaining a new follower 6 social pts
Following another user 2 social pts
Posting a tip on your Q&A Tips 3 social pts
Commenting on editorial article 5 social pts
Receiving a thumbs up on your post or comment 2 social pts
Giving a thumbs up on someone else post or comment 1 social pt
Clicking I Like on a product 2 social pt