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    Got this cream from beautytap daily deal. Been using it every night, and doesn’t make my picky skin break out. It also has a nice relaxing scent and leaves my face feeling plump and hydrated. I’m loving this so much and will definitely repurchase when it runs out. Highly recommend it!

  • Profile photo of jane0elaine janewilsonmoses

    This is my standby pure-hydration product. Even when my skin is irritated or breaking out, this always feels good. I pat it in as a layer at the front of my routine. I also sometimes swipe off sticky residue from other products with a cotton square soaked in this.

  • Profile photo of jane0elaine janewilsonmoses

    My favorite oil cleanser. I won't repurchase unless it goes on sale because I don't really NEED such a high-quality product for cleansing-- all that goodness washes off-- but if it were cheaper it's the only thing I'd use. It's effective, it's thin enough that it doesn't feel gross, and it emulsifies and rinses off like a dream.

  • Profile photo of spadaforte spadaforte

    The best cream I have tried in my whole life. This is my HG. I have an atopic skin and AD - everything highly irritates my skin. Before discovering this cream I couldn't put anything, as everything caused my allergies in even less that 30 seconds. I have also tried several creams recommended by my dermatologist & allergologist, but still, they caused my allergies - till the point I thought I couldn't use any cream at all. Then....I have discovered this cream which... it has changed my life. This cream literally changes my skin. I have been using this cream every single night for the past year. When I wake up my skin not only looks clear, but there is also no redness, is soft, plumped and... just beautiful! The cream hydrates the skin but is not heavy at all and it doesn't make the skin greasy. The most important aspect...

  • Profile photo of nhanafiah nhanafiah

    I got this as a sample with my purchases. I was very pleasantly surprised at how great this product was. I usually shy away from rose scented stuff - cause from previous experiences rose scented products just does not mesh well with my skin. But this was really light, refreshing and hydrating. And it really does spray on evenly with a very light mist.

  • Profile photo of nhanafiah nhanafiah

    Great product! My skin easily gets irritated but this was just perfect for me. My skin feels more hydrated and smooth.

  • Profile photo of nhanafiah nhanafiah

    I am in LOVE with this product. Been using it for about about a month now. My skin feels so much more hydrated and smoother. I use it with the Treatment Essence which I think is pretty great too. I use it daily. Will definitely purchase again!

  • Profile photo of mrsmalloy mrsmalloy

    Effortless application and good protection. It's also moisturizing so in the summer I didn't need to use my normal moisturizer. And I love that it is unscented.

  • Profile photo of tezzsong tezzsong

    It is perfectly smooth and helps improve the skin after use.

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    Love this sunscreen! I was a bit thrown by the smell at first but like the other reviews said that fades fast. The glow it leaves me with is exactly what I was hoping for.




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