Anyone have any suggestions for an SLS free shampoo/conditioner that’s good for damaged hair? I regularly get my hair straightened and am currently using the Aveda damage remedy line which is great but also super expensive. 😭 I’m looking for a cheaper Asian beauty alternative!

Does anyone know if it’s possible to sign up for a daily email notification for the daily beautytap deals? I clicked on a link in the last beautytap email that said ‘Sign up now for our dailytap deals!’ but when I clicked on it and followed the steps I got an error message saying I’m already signed up to the main list. I also don’t see an option anywhere in my settings to get the daily deals.

can´t wait to have my products on my hands <3 even tho is a month away

So I’m back to Uni today so I decided to wear some makeup~
COSRX’s Fit Blemish Cushion in 23
Glossier.’s Wowder in Light/Medium
It’s Skin’s Babyface PorePowder for extra matteness and less pores!!!
Glossier.’s Boy Brow
and last but not least, Labiotte’s Wine Liptint in Rose Coral

I used double powder because Glossier.’s brand is to make you look dewy and natural but I prefer matte so! It’s Skin’s babyface pore powder is my call hehe
Didn’t have to wear concealer because the cushion has AMAZING coverage but it clings to dry patches and I’m having a rough start of the week with ugly dry patches! 🙁 but amazing coverage as I mentioned. You don’t even need much product. I’m also su…[Read more]

Eeeep! And keep hoping for a miracle to come. 💢
#yerpfam 🦑

This isn\’t anything related to my beauty routines nor anything, but… I must admit that it is VERY annoying when I write a whole long paragraph and when I click on post or comment, it says that no comments are allowed on the thread or discussion… and the poster asks questions that I\’d like to answer to but no comments are allowed… well.

Vanity table barely needs a change in its place and me too. Oh-k then what are you waiting for, give me your precious suggestion(s) regarding k-beauty skincare products.
Written after: I have combination skin type garnished with fine line and wrinkles on forehead.
Thankyou 🤧🐝

It’s a lot of sheet mask. Taking care of them.
Cheers and smile. ✨
#beautybae 🐝

I just sheet masked and I\’m feeling pampered now! I used a pomegranate Secriss sheet mask and it had so much essence on the package that I spread over my neck, arms and legs!! It smells nice too!
Tomorrow I\’m gonna shine like a goddess at work! hahahaha