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    I love this product. It’s a surprisingly big tube. Works well to soothe and moisturize. I definitely notice if I forget to use it. Before trying k beauty my favorite eye cream was one by Caudalie and I feel like this is comparable. With both, I’m not terribly concerned about reducing fine lines, just maintaining moisture because my eye area get so dry. So I’m excited to have found a similar eye cream at a much more reasonable price!

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    I just got mine today!!! Is amaizing! Totally gonna buy this again! <3

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    My experience of this product has been great so far, however, I'm not sure I would re-buy at full price. I was able to take advantage of one of the early sales to give this a try and I probably would have looked for a way to try this with subsequent, less awesome sales, since the ingredients list got me excited. Context : I have skin that errs on the dry side. I usually need a little more oomph in a moisturizer or serum under a moisturizer to get me through the day, much less maintain a glow. That might explain why this somewhat heavy product does not break me out or disrupt my oil balance, much less cause me irritation. Use: I usually add one drop of it to a milky-serum, like the Missha Bee Pollen serum which already boasts glow-getting ability. My experience of it, good and bad: I...

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    This is a massive bottle of toner at a very, very attractive price. If you compare this to the Klairs Supple Prep toner, that has a typical, "first-essence-y" texture, like sticky water. Something like the original Hada Labo is thinner, but still basically sticky water. The Soon Jung toner isn't like that at all- it truly feels like water, with no stick at all. I particularly like that this toner has so many soothing and anti-bacterial ingredients, perfect for acne prone skin who find even thin toners can sometimes be pore-clogging. It works excellently decanted into a mist bottle as well!

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    Of course there's no perfect sunscreen, but this one is pretty good. Just a note, if you get this sunscreen now, you'll probably be getting the renewed 2019 version. It's PA++++, and it's not a thin white lotion, but a thin yellowish "colorless" lotion. If you get this sunscreen and are nervous it's gone off due to that, don't worry.

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    Really liking this so far! First impressions- apple lime smell is great. A little bit oily/gloopy, but that's a virtue in a lip mask. Very calming on my cracked lips as well. I will update with the long-term (let's be real, 1-2 weeks is long term in Beautytime) results soon.

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    This chamomile toner is very mild and calming ~ I use it often !

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    smell is so lovely! And leaves my lips smooth Would definitely recommend.

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    It’s perfect for all face sizes. They left my face feeling so soft and clean. Will definitely repurchase!

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    definitely, i love this cream so much. it is super suitable for using summer.




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