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Digital Skills for New Generation of Beauty

The beauty world is going through a major change with customers not visiting retail locations anymore. Experts agree that retail shopping has fundamentally changed for the foreseeable future and maybe forever.


Many companies allow their workers to work remote, but this is not a reality for most beauty professionals. Beauty professionals including retail sales, makeup artists, aestheticians, hair stylists, and others need a way to safely and flexibly work remote.


This position was created to provide Online Beauty Advisors a way to diversify their career in the beauty industry. It is designed to help build on-the-job digital skills as the beauty industry is rapidly moving towards a digital world. This position allows the flexibility for beauty advisors to work their normal day jobs while building security of future income streams and enhance their digital skills.


As all of us know, it is very difficult to live comfortably or retire on an hourly wage income in retail or salon environments. So this position allows a beauty professional to supplement their current income and build future income streams that does not depend on working specific hours in a retail environment. Because the clientele service is digital and flexible, the beauty advisor has the ability to add clients as they are living their normal life and working their normal jobs.




New Online Program

Our mission is to promote diversity through multicultural beauty through an online platform. 


This opportunity was birthed by solving the current challenges and limitations of beauty e-commerce – no beauty advisor helping clients and traditional department stores – store closures at a record rate.


This position allows beauty advisors to service their existing clients and build new clients by marketing multicultural global beauty products to them. 




Innovative Global Brands

Beautytap constantly sources new brands from all over the world, so the beauty advisor has a large selection of products every month to promote to their clients.


This creates a genuine clientele model for the beauty advisor to truly find the right products for their clients versus pushing a single brand. 




Digital Platform

The beauty advisor is given a proprietary Digital Engagement Platform to build their online reputation and expertise around global beauty trends.


It’s a place for beauty advisors to set up an online profile, showcase their expertise, engage in digital Q&A and conversations, and use it as a digital networking tool to generate additional clients.




Who We Are Looking For

We are looking for beauty entrepreneurs, consultants, makeup artists, aestheticians, hair stylists, and anyone who loves beauty and serving clients.


We are looking for people who want to learn, train, and build skillsets in the new digital clienteling model for the beauty industry.


We are looking for new grads even without beauty or work experience. We will train this beauty advisor on skin care solutions, skin concerns, ingredients, innovation, and best practices around digital selling.




Who We Are NOT Looking For

We are NOT looking for people who want an hourly position at a retail location. We closed all of our retail stores due to the current situation, and we will be investing all of our current and future resources for online only.  


We are NOT looking for people who want to build a team or do multi-level marketing. We have NO upfront fee requirements or multi-level commissions. You CAN NOT recruit your friends or family as every Beauty Advisor has to be approved and interviewed by our program team. 


We are NOT looking for affiliates, influencers, or bloggers who want to sign up and make a commission by posting ONLY content through an affiliate code.  However, we do welcome beauty influencers and bloggers who have a genuine interest in helping clients one on one.




We are looking for true beauty professionals who want to educate and service their clients on a personal level. Compensation is a generous commission on all products sold and the beauty advisor receives a commission every time their clients make a purchase.



About Beautytap

Beautytap is an exciting beauty startup focusing on multicultural international beauty brands, products, and trends. Beautytap launched in 2017 as an online publisher of global beauty trends with media partnerships with Allure, Daily Dot, and many other national beauty magazines. Then, Beautytap launched international e-commerce marketing beauty product all over the world. Beautytap then partnered with Bloomingdales as the Asian beauty partner and opened up our first retail shop in shop with Bloomingdales South Coast Plaza.


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