Double Cleanse Diva

I tried a Pacifica sheet mask today, it was the kale and vitamin C one to combat pollution but I forget the exact name. I actually liked the effects, had a very nice brightening effect until like 2 hours later I looked closer and realized it legit had specks of glitter. Has anyone had this experience with other sheet masks? I’m so mad I wasted $4-6 on this when it was marginally better than the Etude house or Orbeura ones that are only $1. That’s what I get for not stocking up more on sheet masks! Can’t wait for my next beautytap box to get here!!

I saw Purito launched a new ABP triple synergy liquid! Hoping to be able to buy it here, soon. It looks like a great exfoliant choice for sensitive skin 😄🤞

Any swimmers have recommendations for modifying routines for oily skin based on increased outdoor swimming? I want to swim more for fun and exercise since I have a lap pool available but worried about wreaking havvoc on my skin with all the chlorine and sun exposure. Just really good waterproof sunscreen and hydrating products?

Oh! Also I’m voting for travel size or sample packs from Purito because I want to try more and also because of legitimate travel needs 😬🙏

Okay! I’m getting ready to move on from CosRX birch sap lotion. It was fine but mostly just meh. Looking for gel cream recs for daily use on oily sensitive skin… whatcha got?

So I think I’m definitely a person who can’t use snail 😭 after just two nights of switching to PURITO Centella cream and no snail mucin essence or snail cream, my breakouts have reduced significantly. I know the Centella ingredients are likely also helping things. And maybe I was really purging at least some but like I posted earlier, after reading the reddit on bad snail reactions it sounds like my face had a similar reaction – a bunch of tiny white bumps and deep cysts around my chin. They appeared after using for 2 weeks so I don’t know… I likely have hormonal acne and oily skin but I had never had anything that bad my whole life. But the good news is PURITO seems to be a good…[Read more]

Gahhhh! My most recent order is here and the samples are out of control!! It’s almost like someone was listening when I mentioned issues I’ve been having 😄💕

Another question! I keep getting Placereta samples in my boxes but can’t find much info on the brand and it isn’t for sale here even though the samples came from beautytap… anyone have more info?

Okay some more newbie questions…

1. Do you really need a sleeping mask? What happens if you don\’t use one?

2. What do you do if you do your PM routine with a sleeping mask, stay up for a while and then realize that your face needs more moisture? Can you add more on top of a sleeping mask? It seems like as an occlusive the answer is no…

3. Do you do 7 skin before vitamin C or other actives like COSRX BHA or AHA power liquids?


Since starting a new routine in early May my skin has been feeling better but looking worse… trying to figure out what the culprit might be now that I’m more than 6 weeks into things.

Trying to figure out what my skin type is has also been hard because I think I’m oily but I live in such a dry climate that I find myself needing way more moisture – even before I started this new routine. And age/hormonal changes post 2 kids likely plays a factor since my kids are still tiny (2 and 4).

Night Routine: (sometimes) Son & Park Beauty Water, Skinfood Black Sugar cleansing oil, COSRX Low PH Good Morning cleanser, COSRX Snail Mucin essence, COSRX HA Intensive cream, Mizon Snail Repair…[Read more]

I forgot to take phots of my first beauty tap haul about a month ago but I was really happy with my choices – Klairs freshly juiced serum and COSRX BHA power liquid and five Etude House green tea sheet masks. I was excited to get the Oerbeua calming sheet masks as samples, too! The sample pack all around was great and definitely made up for the Skinfood cranberry mask being out of stock. I have not tried all of the samples yet. I also got the Purito green level buffet serum and Benton BB cream, a cream caracol original, and a sample of Peripera body products. I already have another box on it\’s way and then purchased replacements today!

New to k-beauty (in the past month) and super happy with my new routine! I have sensitive skin that is getting over some over exfoliation. I am using mostly COSRX and am delighted with the results.

Night Routine: Skinfood black sugar cleansing oil, COSRX low ph good morning gel cleanser, mario badescu facial spray with rosewater as a toner, COSRX snail mucin emulsion, COSRX Hyalauronic cream, COSRX Honey sleeping mask

I also use the COSRX AHA power liquid once a week. I also love Origins Activated charcoal mask for really gross days.

Morning routine: COSRX low ph good morning gel cleanser, mario badescu facial spray toner, COSRX snail mucin emulsion, COSRX birch sap oil free…[Read more]