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I miss free shipping over 60USD for global orders.


I’ve decided to lump all my reviews into a separate Instagram account to remind myself of what I’ve tried and liked/hated.

The self-imposed rule of only posting if I’m more than 50% through a full-size shall give me impetus to finish my stash before buying new ones HAHAHA

Find me under ‘sortofempty’! Also so I can find those of y’all with skincare Instagrams to follow^^

I have such self control that everything in my cart right now belong either to the things I’m running out of or things I do not yet have.

So why is my wallet so empty HAHAHAHHA

Basically I’m now addicted to Get It Beauty and have started watching from 2014 (can’t find earlier ones). I aspire to get all the winner/top 5 products that suit my skin type.

– adds tony-moly-the-chok-chok-green-tea-no-wash-cleansing-water to cart-

Walked past Innisfree and there was a discount. Next thing I know, I have a bottle of My Foundation 2.3 C21 in my shopping bag.

First foundation from my beginner K-beuaty brand. 😛 the feeeeeeeels

Twiddling my thumbs and waiting for the next big discount on the Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum Mist… Should’ve been braver and taken the 25% off over Labor Day Weekend ARGH.

So after my initial outburst of joy with the PURITO snail serum sample, I’ve had a niggling feeling that it might have caused a slight breakout of whiteheads on my forehead, which have since disappeared.

I can’t decide if I should get the bottle in my next order and try it out for a longer period of time, or wait for another sample to try again. Hmm.

This is so weird. So I have combination oily skin, and the sides of my nose are usually oily, but recently they’ve begun to have a layer of crust every morning after my skincare routine and sunblock. I’ve also noticed some peeling skin (which has never happened to me before). Anyone has had similar experiences?


Ok the sample I got was the old one which was 91%, so let’s hope the new formulation is just as good! -adds to cart-

And it’s so affordable I don’t even feel guilty about buying after trying just 1 film sample. Yay!

Why are comments closed for the Beauty Water? Hmmm…

Has anyone here heard of the brand GESGEP? It’s apparently the new brand by the founders of Son&Park (after they got kicked out of their company, which I realized only after placing my beauty water order, which makes me feel guilty).

The design and products of this new brand seem fantastic, but I’m not sure if the official site offers international shipping. Can the deities of Beautytap (like Jude Chao) make them appear magically on Beautytap? ^^

EEEEK my package is here! I spy some awesome samples from Purito, Missha, Eclado, and Moksha. ^^ so happy!

Continued from previously…

Sulwhasoo: I had to try the Brightening cushion, and I did in shades #13 and #17. #17 was half-decent, but #13 made me look like I plunked my face in oil, BEFORE I’ve spent half a day in the sweltering heat here. Unfortunately, my skin disagrees with the dewy complexion. Back to matte we go…

Lancôme: I’ve been doing some research, and Lancôme was said to have fantastic hydrating cushions. The Blanc Expert in PO-01 was hydrating and moist, I agree. It also made my face sticky (which I hate) and had little coverage. Also, my forehead started disagreeing halfway through application. :/

In conclusion, I have very picky skin, and I ended up getting the D…[Read more]

So I’m on the train home, and I can’t wait to write about my cushion-finding experience this afternoon!

Disclaimer: most of the cushions I tried were not Korean, but I think that discussion here can definitely be expanded to non-Korean things too!

So previously, I got a sample of Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion in shade #20 (light beige), and fell in love with the scent, texture, coverage, and just about everything else. I did realize, however, that I’ve never been matched properly (previous bare-faced individual here). Hence, I went down to the boutiques to try out the different cushions and find my shade.

Dior: turns out, I’m shade #10. That’s IVORY. WOW I’m amazed that…[Read more]

I just realized something, I’m pretty sure my veins are bluish and I look better in silver, so why did that MAC BA match me as NC15?!?!? I mean, fine, she might have matched me on my wrist, rather than on the face, but still.

Up till recently I mix up NC and NW, but now it seems I should be more NW? I mean, fine, I’m Asian, but that does not make me have yellow undertones automatically. Anyone has such issues as well?

Time to head down to boutiques and get matched properly. =.=

So I’ve just tried Dior’s cushion in #20 (was given 2 samples by a lovely BA who got my shade right), and fell in love with cushions.

Any one has recommendations for someone with combination oily skin and a healthy dash of redness? First attempt at getting one that suits me! 😛

(But I have to say I was so worried I wouldn’t clean it off properly that I double-cleansed TWICE before moving on to the rest of my skincare. At least in the morning, I didn’t notice any pimple outbreaks/weird-looking skin so I guess I’m fine HAHA)

Whyyyyyy is my package still not hereeeeeeee………

It’s been stuck at ‘Ready for Dispatch’ since 8 Aug, and Korea to Singapore is nowhere this long :/ Sobs I need my Beauty Water :/

EEEEK I just tried Jayjun’s Anti-Dust Therapy Mask!

1. The whole 3-step set smells DIVINE and fresh, and I felt the ‘anti-pollution’ vibes rolling off in WAVES before I even started using the cleanser.

2. The cleanser is gentle and did a good job cleaning my face without making it dry.

3. The mask is hulk-green LMAO so hilarious! The material was silky smooth though and fit perfectly -swoons-.

4. THE CREAM OMG THE CREAM. I don’t save up essence and cream from mask sets, so I was quite shocked when there was so much cream inside the ‘step 3’ pack, given my combination/oily skin which usually takes just a dab of any cream.

While smearing all that on my face, I was getting…[Read more]

So I went to Amorepacific’s exhibition at the mall yesterday, and they gave me samples of sleeping masks from all of the companies in the corporation (Innisfree, Etude House, Mamonde, Laneige, Hera and Sulwhasoo) and $10 with $50 purchase vouchers for each of those stores.

Needless to say, I went straight to the stores and got myself:
Innisfree Green Tea Seed Skin (I have a thing for the Green Tea Seed products)
Innisfree Green Tea Morning Cleanser (a non-foaming version of their Green Tea cleanser)
Hera Bubble Awakening Mask
Hera Creamy Cleansing Foam
Sulwhasoo Essential Balancing Water (can I just scream now? the scent is DIVINE)

Time to line these up for when I finish my…[Read more]

I just realized I totally forgot to look for my Skin Twin -sobs- Better late than never:

I’m in my early 20s with NC10-15 (think I’ve tanned a wee bit since my NC10 days) combination-oily skin.

Along with a healthy dash of pigmentation, mild hormonal acne, patches of pores and a tendency to turn red and breakout with too much sun or unsuitable skincare.

Is it too much to hope for to find an identical twin here? 😛 #FindMySkinTwin