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Is anyone else obsessed with mists this summer?! Not only have they been helping me beat the heat but I recently started using them on my scalp (thanks to a pro tip on Instagram!) and this has been a game changer for me.
I am loving using my ATOclassic mist, Atopalm mist, and just broke out the new Cosrx aqua cooling mist. I’d love to hear your recs for any others I might need to add to my collection!

Any recs for shampoo? I’m interested in trying out some Korean or Japanese shampoos and conditioners but don’t know where to start!

June/July empties! I’m working my way through mybstash before I open anything new and it feels good to have a decent amount of empties that I’m clearing out!
😍 HG
•sulwahsoo vitalizing overnight mask
•mizon aha bha toner
•stratia liquid gold
😁would repurchase
•stratia velvet milk cleanser
•leegeehaam propolis
•be the Skin power toner
•cnplabratory energy propolis ampoule
😬 mixed
•sulwahsoo ginseng eye cream- love this brand but this might be too heavy for me
😕would not repurchase
•biore watery gel sunscreen- loved this hate the new version
•neogen bio peel pads- my skin did not like these. I used them on my body to finish them up
•petitfree black and pearl eye hydrogels- the…[Read more]

Can I just say the JayJun Roselle Tea Eye Gel Patches have been a game changer for me this summer? I find myself reaching for them for both my AM and PM routines. They are really soothing and combined with a drop of facial oil they do more for me than any of the eye creams I’ve tried. I will definitely be repurchasing!

-Mamonde Petal Cleansing Oil
– KraveBeauty Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser
-Maycoop raw sauce
– Atoclassic real tonic soothing essence
– Hanskin bio origin 369 facial oil under the Jayjun roselle tea eye patches
– Stratia Skin liquid gold mixed with mizon snail recovery gel
-Purito Centella cream
-Sulwhasoo vitalizing overnight mask mixed with the CNPlabratory energy…[Read more]

Slowly working my way through all of my open products so I can open so new ones. I’ve had a really bad breakout from a product the past week and so have been mostly focusing on soothing and healing my skin.
*Krave Beauty Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser
*SanDaWha Camellia flower antioxidant cream mask
* May Coop Raw Sauce
*ATO Classic Real Tonic Soothing Essence
*hanskin bio origin 369 oil
*Jayjun Roselle Tea eye Hydrogels- LOVING THESE!!!
*Stratia Liquid Gold mixed with Mizon snail recovery cream and Leegeehaam propolis ampoule
* Purito Centella cream
*Apieu madecassoside cica gel- can we get this on beautytap? it is so good!
* Apieu pure block sunscreen

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Who else is shopping the Discover Korean Beauty sale? There are so many good things!

Simple morning routine to try and battle the huge pimple I just got on my jawline.
* Karve Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser
* Biologique Recherche Lotion p50V
*Whamisa Deep Rich Toner
*ATOClassic Real Tonic Soothing Essence
* Mizon Snail Recovery Cream
* Son and Park Glow Cream
* A’pieu Pure Block sunscreen

I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of my very large haul but I’ll be posting soon with all my new goodies! Instead, I’m sharing my routine from last night!
*Mamonde Cleansing Oil- got this on a whim from Beautytap and really like it!
* Krave Beauty Match Hemp Hydrating Cleanser
* Mizon AHA/BHA Toner
* Sunday Riley Good Genes
* Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Mask mixed with CNP Labratory Propolis Energizing Ampoule

The combination of these products helps me wake up to smooth, calmer, glowing skin!

My morning routine! I love doing multiple layers and mixing products. What products do you layer or mix together?
*Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser- great AM cleanser for me but not powerful enough for my evening second cleanse.
*Be the Skin Power Toner
* Neogen real ferment micro essence
* Maycoop Raw Sauce
*OleHenriksen Truth Serum
*Cosrx Snail Mucin (my ride or die HG product)
*ATO Classic Soothing Essence- so great for summer!!
*Stratia Skin Liquid Gold mixed with Mizon Snail recovery gel and Leegeehaam propolis
* Son and Park Glow Cream
* A’pieu pure block sunblock applied with a cushion puff thanks to Jude’s awesome instagram video!

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I have two orders on the way and third that is processing because the Daily Tap deals and sales have just been so good. Raise your hand if you need to do a clean up of your stash!

My morning routine included the Banila Co Vitalizing Essence that is part of today’s Daily Tap Offer! Who else has checked it out? See any other favorites or beautytap favorites below?

Had a chance to do a longer an routine today since I had a little bit of extra time. ⭐️#atoclassic real tonic multi cleanser ⭐️#neogen real ferment micro essence ⭐️#sulwhasoo first activating serum  ⭐️#sulwhasoo balancing water ⭐️#banilaco vv vitalizing essence⭐️#holysnails rose gold shark sauce ⭐️#atoclassic real tonic soothing origin essence ⭐️#volufiline15 eye essence ⭐️#mizon snail recovery gel ⭐️#sonandpark glow cream ⭐️#canmake mermaid skin gel

Having a little fun with #texturetuesday and took some shots of my fav creams, masks and sleep packs!
⭐️ Glow Recipe watermelon🍉 mask ⭐️Make P:rem peel me sleep pack
⭐️Son & Park Glow cream
⭐️Banila Co Miss flower and Mr. Honey cream- my most favorite product ever that has been discontinued
⭐️Farmacy green melt cleansing balm
⭐️SanDaWah camellia flower antioxidant cream mask
⭐️ A’pieu Madecassoside cica gel
⭐️ Plant Stem cell no sebum cream

Love these two Sulwahsoo balancing waters and have no regrets after purchasing them!