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This thing. I’m in love with this thing. I need this thing.
I ran out of LJH Vita Propolis Ampoule today and this is how I felt:
Oh look, my KCON LA K-Drama Beauty Trends panel recap is up! We have video!
This one with 2NE1 is gold too. No subtitles, doesn’t really matter.
This is the one that put me on an hourlong YouTube romp looking for more funny Etude House CFs. Ma Dong Seok and f(x) Krystal. I’m obsessed!
Who else remembers this Etude House commercial with SHINee? They come up with hilarious CFs!
Is anyone trying anything new and fun lately? I\’ve been working on a jar of Hanyul Pure Artemisia Calming Cream that I am loving! It\’s like junior hanbang or summer hanbang–has the herbal cred but is light and refreshing instead of heavy.
Happy Friday, everybody! Let’s talk sheet mask hacks! A few of mine are: -We all know about refrigerating sheet masks for an extra refreshing kick in the summer. But sometimes a cold sheet mask is too much, right? Sometimes I sit on mine or put them behind my back (so they’re pressed between my back and the sofa) for about 10 minutes before using, and then they’re perfect warm body temperature and not at all shocking to apply. -Snow White and the Asian Pear had a trick that she blogged about a couple years ago that I love for ill-fitting sheet masks. Cut them in half from left to right, so they’re two pieces like most hydrogels. Instantly improves the fit a ton! -Dab a couple…[Read more]
Question for those of you with long evening routines and shorter morning ones–if you have to choose only one serum/ampoule step for your morning, which do you choose? I\’m generally a toner/essence/moisturizer/sunscreen in the morning person lately, but today I managed to fit in a layer of the Swanicoco Revol Ampoule Whitening in after my essence. I\’m testing it for W2Beauty right now and really enjoying the consistency and fast absorption (which is kind of my main criteria for morning product).
Yeah, I have all these signs. #noregrets
Oh yeah, my favorite K-beauty products! Budget: Gotta be Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence. I just left a short review on the product page here, and there’s a longer review of it on my blog from a couple years ago, but the TL;DR is that it smoothes and soothes and softens my skin like crazy, as well as makes it resilient enough to heal quickly from any…uh…*problems* that come up. The texture is wonderfully snaily and I’ve been through 4-5 bottles because I cannot get enough. I put it all the way down to my cleavage! Luxury: Sulwhasoo Capsulized Ginseng Fortifying Serum. It’s really pricey, but this serum absolutely ruined me for most other ginseng products. It…[Read more]
I like stick-type sunscreens (in a pinch, even an SPF-containing lip balm will work) for eyelids, since those don’t run. But generally I have to admit I just rely on sunglasses :/
I\’ve been super sick the last couple of days, and the worst part is that I had an appointment to get my lash extensions touched up, but I doubt they\’re going to last, since you can\’t get the glue wet for 24 hours, but my eyes are watering uncontrollably every time I cough. RAGE.
7 years on and I still find this one of the most helpful posts about skin tone matching for Asians. We aren’t all the same undertone!
I will never not get a kick out of the W2Beauty dads masking for Father’s Day.

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