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Hi Everyone! Let’s have some fun together! Who is up for the sheet mask challenge:)?
Hi guys! Who has started the Affiliate programme?:) I’m IN. I hope we will have some group or special access to share our tips and tricks. So I started with the basic of basics-Klairs. What is your ramp up choice?
Hi all! Have you tried this mask?:) I love it.
Hi guys! See my review for Bird’s Nest mask from Skin Food here: Do you have any experience with the Bird’s Nest? I read it is also popular Chinese food. How does it taste?:D
Unfortunately, I can not answer with a picture in the comment. However, here is the result of the mask. Love it!
Na sigan lovers here!:) I made this mask for my hair the second time and it is a blast! 1half of avocado, 1 half of banana and 3 tablespoons of coconut oil. Mix it properly and then leave on hair…2-3hours:D. But the result is amazing. Try it and let me know your thoughts.
I love this mask!!! It has beautiful fragrance and my skin was so moistured and fresh. It absorbed everything from the mask. I was impressed. I didn’t expect this to be such a good mask. I was a bit struggling with the sheet (create it facial shape), but it worths it. You should try this mask too. This reminds me “Sting-Desert rose” song:)))
W2Beauty, thank you for the delivery of all goodies:)) I’m missing the brush-fish:( I just love unboxing. I have already tried three different products. We can call it an addiction. If there are any sessions for anonymous K-cosmeholics, please let me know:D
It is not only what you see outside but also inside! My Bible to get into details of Korean beauty aspects. I hope that this will help me to be a good source of advice for my friends and followers. Do you have yours?
Testing tonight! Do you have any experience with Missha masks? I enjoy these 3-steps masks. It is like a full service:D
Hi, beautiful people! I have a question for all of you. As this starts to be a lifestyle for me, I dug into the topic of Korean beauty, beauty culture and the Korean approach to life generally, I found out interesting facts. What does beauty mean to Koreans?
Is it really true that if you are not beautiful enough, smart and educated enough, you will not be accepted by the culture?
Is there really that big pressure on being excellent in every aspect of life? I\’m really curious about this!! Any comment, links will be highly appreciated.
Hi guys! I have just made a review of this mask in my blog. However, I don’t have enough space here to add it:(( Pity. Below are highlights of vitamin C. Hydroxylation of Prolin, which is the main component of COLLAGEN
Very important for your immunity – antioxidant which helps protect the body against oxidation of other substances
Help absorb iron in entrails – for women necessary mineral and in terms of general usage, decreases fatigue symptoms
Decreases depression symptoms Mask is nicely fitting my face and not slipping off so I could dance in Rihanna rhythm while having 20 minutes mask on. Even though I have sensitive skin, it was not itchy, opposite. Really fresh, not oily.…[Read more]
Hi Klairs! Finally, enlarging the pool of my favorite products! I received many positive feedback online so I would like to know your opinion about this toner. Is it really that miraculous?
My basics for this month. Looking forward to the delivery from w2beauty!!
Why do I have acne prone on my chin all the time?? Here is the answer ladies and gentleman! I will keep you posted about the sugar impact on our skin in my article! Stay toned:D
ALOE – Etude House sheet mask. Even ancient Egyptians knew the power of this herb! Aloe has really huge scale of vitamins ( biggest percentage of A,C, E) and antioxidants. This all is supported by LINGIN which helps all nutrients get to deepest skin layers. It heals irritations, allergy and acne marks After a long Friday the Etude house Aloe (available in e-shop) was good skin boost for upcoming evening! The mask is transparent nicely fits shape of my face. There is a lot of essence for your neck, too. I can’t say that this is miraculous product, but for skin recovery, it is more than enough. | Interesting fact! Aloe vera is used as a medicine for headaches [Read more]
Is there any book, which can be considered as a Korean beauty Bible? Is it this? Thanks.
Let’s have a quick lesson of a product specifics. About toner. I was searching the most popular one in w2beauty and checked what is the actual toner. Description of this amazing product you might already know, but is the “toner” actually? What’s in a toner? “Most toners are water-based liquids composed of specific active ingredients including plant extracts and essential oils, tailored to address a variety of skin types. Mainly there are hydrating toners, calming and soothing toners, and astringent toners.” What’s in a good toner? “Some of the best toners for acne-prone skin contain exfoliating ingredients like amino fruit acids or glycolic acid, while toners made for sen…[Read more]
Who has just received the first box of 5 ordered?:)) I’m so happy they are safely home:D I will share review with you, of course.
Quick tip for you! I covered my hair to coconut oil for 1h and it made the so shinny and silk. Is there any brand focusing on this great ingredient? Sometimes I use it also to remove my eye make up and it is working very well, too!

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