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what are some of your new skincare faves? I tried Cosrx’s Poreless Power Liquid and I love it 😭😭😭😭

Has anyone noticed the new curations on the “What’s New” section? I feel like they’ve gotten super unique and more fun! Here’s my current wishlist:
— Snou Beauty Creamy Lip and Cheek
— Snou Beauty Creamy Dual Contour Stick
— Etude House Play Color Lip&Cheek in “Tea Time” (can y’all tell I love cream products?)
— COSRX Poreless Power Liquid
— Fiddy’s Blackhead Buster Set (despite having 75% of the products)
— COSRX Centella Blemish Cream
— Missha Flash Up Sun SPF50+ /PA++++ (OOOOMG HOW GORGEOUS DOES THAT LOOK?? and with SPF50 *and* PA++++? I’m gone)
— So Natural Water Glow Sauna Cream (just because it’s pretty tbh, but still)
Let me know yours! There’s b…[Read more]

HELP!! One of my favorite mascaras (Maybelline MegaPlush) makes my lashes look gorgeous and fluffy, but I can’t get it to stop smearing for the LIFE OF ME. i’ve never had this issue with any mascara, so I know it’s not my ultra-creamy concealer game or hatred of powders… does anyone know how to fix it? would mascara primer work or do I just bite the bullet and opt for the waterproof version?

I had SO MUCH FUN staring at BTS photos to write this <3_____<3

who's your bias? (I'm an RM girl all the way 😭)

Utilizing my first post to say I WANT THIS SOOOOOO BAD: https://w2beauty.com/product/cool-school-art-class-rodin-lumineuse-varnish-9g/