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Omg these look sooo good ๐Ÿคฉ

Hi W2Beauty Community! Just in case you missed it, there’s a new giveaway going on! 😍

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Happy Wednesday, W2Beauty community! I wanted to share my skin type, skin concerns, and questions with you all, and I’d LOVE to hear your feedback!

My skin type: Combination/sensitive, mid-20s, live in California
I’m fairly dry on my cheeks (that tend to be pretty sensitive), and I’m also somewhat normal/oily on my T-zone.

My skin concerns:
1) Hyperpigmentation: I have a few scar-reducing products in my arsenal, but I’d love any recs!
2) Super dry lips — like super, super dry. No matter what I put on my lips, it just gets sucked in and leaves no moisture. I’ve tried the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, which I really love, and it does last throughout the night, but then during…[Read more]

I first saw this on Jude/fiddysnail’s Instagram story. I spent about 20 minutes going down the rabbit hole of comments! Crazy how some brands don’t put their customers first. Has anyone else had (or heard of) any bad experiences with a brand like this? *thinking of making a black list for brands 😈*

The sheet mask addiction is real 👀 My Moksha mask haul from KCON2017!

I recently tried the 7 skin method using Klairs’ infamous Supple Preparation Facial Toner, and wow. I /loved/ the results! My face felt bouncier and super super hydrated. I followed the toner with a 2-3 drops of the SanDaWha Camellia Face Oil and a layer of the Ultra Rich Hydrating Camellia Floral Water Cream (+ sunscreen, of course).

That night, I went to a 7-hour long, hot & sweaty music festival, but I didn’t get oily in my T-zone at all (I normally do) and I had a healthy looking glow that lasted all night!

Has anyone else tried the 7 skin method? I’d love to know what toner you used!

Recently bought my first vanity and I have to say โ€” I never knew how much I needed a vanity until now! 😍

Question of the day: what’s your fave K-beauty product and why?

This one is super tough, for obvious reasons! But I’d have to say that one of my current favorite products to use right now is the Moksha Dear Shea Butter Mask Sheet — and I just generally LOVE incorporating sheet masks into my routine. It’s one way that I practice self-care weekly.

(I’m also really enjoying the other products shown in the photo, especially the SanDaWha cream and camellia oil!)

Although a lot of the products have changed, here’s my most up-to-date skincare routine! 💕

One thing I love more than beauty and skincare: coffee. 😆

Hi everyone! I\’m the Associate Editor + Social Manager at W2Beauty, and I am SO thrilled to be a part of this community! Feel free to stop by with any questions (or just a hello!) โ€” I\’d LOVE to get to know you!