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I am on vacation for one week, so time for a ‘1 mask a day’ week and a mini-korean-sephora-haul πŸ™‚

I\’m 33, live in the Netherlands (no extreme weather conditions, but a LOT of rain…), combo / dry skin. My concern are pollution, fine lines (starting to prevent them) and dry skin, mainly on my cheeks. It lloks like @kbeauluv87 might be my SkinTwin… Anyone else wanting to join the family? <3 #FindMySkinTwin πŸ™‚

I woke up to the title of ‘Beauty Queen’! 😎 thank you all for the support, sharing and positivity! 😁 I wish you a wonderful day! 😘

I tried the 3 steps Blackhead Remove pads from Innisfree this weekend. It was fun and it worked! 😁 my boyfriend wanted *Was convinced* to try it too! See the results! 😁

Tonight is a girl night’s out with my best friend… G-Dragon in Amsterdam! πŸ˜€ I might be slightly older than the average fan, but who cares! πŸ˜›

When you go away for one night, but you are a K-beauty addict and can not leave the house without your morning routine… 🙈😂😂😂😊

The best way to start a very busy weekend: coffee in bed while filling my bio ( I love this new feature!) and catching on the last articles in the Editorial section! Have a nice weekend everyone! May it bring you joy, peace and good skin! 😉

I like the fact that she tried it, I don’t like the fact that she did not get that you can chose the steps you want in your routine. But I guess this is how K-beauty is seen by beginners/outsiders? ?

Review: Swanicoco Beer Bubble Pack (18-09-2017)
What is it? A foaming bubbling mask, to use as a face mask.
Why did I buy it? I am on the antioxidant and anti-pollution path at the moment, so I wanted to try it because it claims to fight against oxidative stress. Plus, skincareterment and being Belgian, the beer aspect appealed to me!
What does the Internet say? Not so much, very few reviews.
My skin? Combination / normal skin. I use no make-up.
How do I use it? Once or twice a week
When did I use it for the first time? 18-09-2017.
Review after one utilization: The product is not easy to apply, it is really sticky, honey-like. It starts foaming right away, but then the foam…[Read more]

Yes! Both my orders weer in! 😁😁😁😍😍😍 first pic are my products, second the freebies! 😁 Thank you so much W2beauty team and @pohim for the good care! 😁 Ow, I receiver 2 more sheet masks and a beauty blender, but I gave them to my colleagues who wanted to try K-beauty! 😎😁

I have been sick the whole week… and 1 and probably my second order from W2beauty have been delivered to the office… ?😔😣😭😭😭😭 I guess it will be one reason more to go back to work on monday! 😂😂😂

Skin gritting, does it work?
Has any of you tried It? You use an oil cleanser, then a Clay Mask then oil cleanser again and your blackheads are supposed to \’slide out of your pores\’…. I am curious if any of you tried It as it might be harsh on the skin???

Make up Master 😎 but without make up 😂😂😂

DIY Green Tea Ginseng Vitamin E Face Mist (review, 1st utilisation)
Why did I made it? I am still waiting for my Sandawah face mist to arrive. I read on this community that it is good to spray a lot on your face and I am cheap… I don’t want to have to buy a new face mist Γ  16-20$ every month. For 30€ I have enough supplies to last me years (300 bottles)
Where did I get the recipe? YouTube and Internet. Basically you set green tea for a good 20 minutes and you use pure or add other ingredients.
Ingredients? Green Tea (1 teaspoon), Ginseng extract (1 capsule for 3 bottles) and 10 drops of vitamin E skin oil per bottle
Why those ingredients? Antioxydant and ginseng was recommended fo…[Read more]

Update Review Corsx Low PH Good Morning Cleanser Gel (after 1 week)
How do I use it? Morning and Evening after the Heimich All Clean Balm
Test results: My cheeks needed time to made up their mind if they would file for divorce or not. They decided not to. Fortunately. While my T-zone was super happy with this product, they were not. If I used it on my cheeks they would sting all day and I still have a red spot from the time where I put it pure on my left cheek to make the foam. Now I put a droplet in my hands and let it foam by rubbing my hands together. Then I wash my T-zone with it. I love the results!!! I started using it on my back and it is good as well. Bacne, I am coming for…[Read more]

After my Friends @angelica and @hayfa \’evolved\’, I checked my profile… and I am now a Skincare Scholar! 😎😁 happy end of a rough day at work! βœ…😊

Sun protection is a hot topic! I found this inside a box of a sunscreen I bought. My skin has thus only 20 minutes of natural Sun protection. I sit the whole day behind a window at work… ???😔 time to start reapplying during the day!

Review: COSRX Low PH Good Morning Gel Cleanser
Why did I buy it? As I wear no make-up, I thought using only a cleansing balm (Heimich All Clean) was fine. After reading a few articles on the importance of Double Cleansing I wanted to start. There are a lot of good reviews on the internet too.
My skin? Combination / normal skin. I use it morning and evening after my Heimich Balm, 30-08-2017 1st time.
Review after 1 utilization: I really like the feeling of the foam on my skin. It leaves my skin clean and soft without stripping it too much. It really smells very strong of Tea Tree tough! This brings me back to 16-year-old me trying desperately to get rid of acne with Tee Trea to no…[Read more]

PH Ambassador! Nice! 😁
Thanks again to everyone! What could make my day even better? Receiving one of my orders! 😜

Relationship goal βœ…
My boyfriend let me give him a bit of K-beauty: clean up, scrub and a sheet mask.
I am not sure he is still happy with me though 🙈🙈🙈😂😂😂