About the product

What Is It:

The Air Queen Nano Mask is a unique mask that covers from the nose to the chin completely, and filters environmental factors such as fine dusts with its nano fabric filter. It is also known for its high stability. Lighter than paper, the mask weighs 4.38g to make it even more comfortable to wear. Nano membrane was used to make easier to breathe for those who wear the mask, which is a big difference between Air Queen Nano Masks and other masks that are being supplied to the public. Also, it blocks over 90% of UV rays.

Brand info:

Airqueenus.com (TOPTEC) is owned by Harpers Co., a long-time medical device importer and distributor based in NYC. For many years, they have been partnered with qualified medical device manufactures in South Korea to bring quality products in U.S market. Due to the pandemic, they have taken a pause to focus on the immediate needs in the community. They have a belief that the masks will help to slow the spread.

Reviews & Comments 13


By far my favorite mask design. I don’t have to worry about it completely rubbing up against my skin or smudging my lip products around. And it’s BREATHABLE. I don’t get that urge to pull it down to get a quick breath or air.


I literally forgot that I was actually wearing a mask! This mask is so lightweight and doesn't cause sweating or my glasses to fog up . Being able to wear my glasses without fogging up is an absolute life saver. Highly recommend!


This makes wearing a mask for hours per day easy... and the way it’s shaped, I can wear lipstick and it doesn’t get smeared! Other masks make me feel claustrophobic and anxious. I can breathe normally, it’s super light weight and easy to wear for a full day at the salon! So incredibly thankful for this mask!!! It’s a must have for anyone who has to wear a mask all day!


Fits snug, feels weightless and is easy to breathe through. Air Queen should put out more colors and designs since masks have become a mandatory accessory!


Fantastic mask. So light. At the doctors office they commented on how good it was. I’m ordering 10 pack. Just get it.


I tried it this mask today and I like it very much, and so does my sister. So I am ordering the 10 pack. 1 for her and 1 for me. When I wore it for a long time, the loop though hurts my ears. As all masks' loops does. Think i just have thin ear cartilage. But if it was loose, then it would not be as snug and hence, not as safe. Nevertheless, this mask is very thoughtfully designed.  One tip on storage is to store it in a clean paper bag.  Not in a plastic... Read more


Best masks I've ever had!!!! super light weigh and breathable! I wore this for hours and I didn't have any problems with it. It can be folded when you take it off. I love this mask!


After giving this mask a 5-star review AND including it in my recent mask roundup article here on Beautytap, I felt that the world needed to see it in action on a real, live, 50+-year-old person. My video isn't meant to be eloquent, but rather, it is honest, informative, and straight to the point. These are my go-to masks, and they're a far better choice than other disposables on the market. https://youtu.be/ZMNNrCDyHRw


I've reviewed a lot of masks in my day, but I never thought I'd be giving a 5-star rating to a disposable mask for fending off germs. I've slowly graduated from a bandana to a silk mask to disposables from Costco. If you hate rewashing masks or want something that sits away from your face, this is a great fit. Literally! It's paper-thin, breathable, and has an adjustable nose piece to snug it up, so you won't fog up your glasses when wearing it. I bought one to test and just ordered the 10 pack. Highly recommended.


I never would have thought i would be saying this, but i really love this mask! Since the pandemic , i felt like majority of face mask made me feel like i couldn't breath and i have anxiety ! I sometimes be overthinking or get claustrophobic sometimes as well. With this face mask, it felt like i didn't even have a mask on and i really like that there is a filter in them as well.