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About the product

What Is It:

Fill your hair with moisture! Aqua Derma Aqua Q Ring immediately locks moisture within the hair, maintaining it even after drying your hair. Not only minimal amount of impure substances are eliminated, but also ionic compounds that may affect moisture absorption are eliminated as well, in order for an extraordinary pure treatment. The addition of hydrogen in jojoba oil maximizes the affect, and at the same time, formulates a moisturized shield for your hair, protecting it from damage.

How to use:

Wet your hair thoroughly. Evenly apply the product onto your hair and massage for 2-3 minutes. Make sure to avoid the scalp. Rinse off with lukewarm water. Towel dry your hair and avoid using hair dryer right after.
*This product may be used in replace of conditioner/rinse.


Cetrimonium Chloride , Butylene Glycol , Phenoxyethanol , Sodium Benzoate , Hydrogenated jojoba oil , Dimethicone , Water , Polyethylene glycol 6000 distearate , Fragrance , Potassium Sorbate

Brand info:

With 30 years of experience in developing, Aqua Derma takes pride that Aqua Q Ring is one of the best hair care products, in which all products have been meticulously developed by hair specialists; all ideas come from first hand experiences and from a manifold of customers’ personal opinion. Thus, the slogan, ‘easily and with convenience, care your hair at home, with expensive salon products’ formulates the company vision.

Reviews & Comments 4


OK straight up used this 1st time today and shockingly good shine and softness to my ALWAYS bleached and colored hair! It's super light weight and doesn't feel heavy as some of the leave in conditioning treatments I've used prior. My hair is fluffy, bouncy, and shiny… I've seriously been bleaching my hair for years and also permanent color on top of that! If it can make my hair soft and shiny without being weighed down I think I'd totally recommend this to anyone who needs bouncy,soft, shining hair like a My Little Pony!


This product really is legendary! I've got pretty dry/tangled/damaged hair due to multiple hair bleach, yet this product indeed is returning my original hair with only a few times of usages. I'd totally recommend this and RE-USE it for sure! Five and more stars definitely!


I think this product is really good!
It's a really amazing product. Now I know why it is famous in Korea and calling as 3 seconds treatment.
I was looking for something good one because now season is an autumn so my hair so dry and rough!!
I definitely will buy them again! Even I really happy to recommend it to friends as well!


This product is legit! My hair is damaged because I got my hair highlights. It's very easy to get tangled.
Especially in this fall season, very dry. I was going to have my hair cut but then this product is a bit popular in Korea as 3 seconds treatment. I gave a try and this worked! My hair is moisturized and very smooth now.