The lightweight moisturizer version of Benton’s cult favorite Snail Bee line. Formulated with a whopping 70% Snail Secretion Filtrate instead of water, this lotion is great for sensitive or troubled skin types. With powerhouse anti-aging ingredients like bee venom, EGF, and phyto oligo patented ingredients, this lotion helps soothe and calm skin from external stressors like pollution. Niacinamide helps brighten skin tone, while hyaluronic acid deeply hydrates. Alcohol-free and with a slightly acidic pH, this lotion is unscented, silicone-free, and great for all skin types. 120ml






Kick-start the hydration process in your skincare regimen with this super nourishing, super hydrating toner. This water-free, alcohol-free toner features a whopping 80% Snail Secretion Filtrate, a cult favorite ingredient to heal, hydrate, and protect skin, all in a base of 10% green tea leaf water. Bee venom plumps up wrinkles, while epidermal growth factors boost collagen production.

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Lotion : Apply right amount over face after using skin toner. Absorb with gentle dabbing.

Skin : Apply right after washing your face. Put right amount with gentle dabbing for better absorption.

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What started as a passion project by Lee Jang Won and his brother to address their own skin problems has grown into a global skincare brand known for its transparency, high percentage of active ingredients, like snail mucin and galactomyces ferment filtrate, and affordable prices. Inspired by the reverse aging of the title character in the film “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” the brothers named this passion project Benton (BENjamin + ButTON) to represent the brand’s goal of turning back the hands of time on your skin. The mission of Benton is to provide a line of skincare that is effective yet natural, using the purest and highest quality ingredients possible, along with only natural preservatives. To that end, Benton keeps its packaging simple, focusing on small batch production and key ingredients to strengthen and maintain the skin’s barrier function. Benton is cruelty-free.

W2Beauty is proud to be the first online seller of Benton for the U.S. market.

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A little bit more than a year ago, I had a lot of acne due to my pregnancy. This acne lasted for two years without any result with the occidental brands I used. At first, I though "Snail !!! No way !". But I was so desparate that I finally ordered the Benton set (Skin, essence and lotion + some masks that I received as samples). Of course, there was no sudden miracle but little by little, my acne and skin improved. Now there is almost no more sign of this awful acne.
I can now focus on improving my skin... Read more