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Verified Expert

My fiancé and I were outside at night all last weekend sitting out on the deck and we got eaten alive by mosquitos! I put this on my bites and the itching went away!! My fiancé has about 6 bites on each ankle and he kept itching it so I made him put this on and he said it helped a ton and was relieved from the itching and irritation!


Verified Expert

Like a few other lovelies here, I, too, suffer from eczema, especially under my rings in winter. Scratching just makes the situation worse, and I'm not one to leave my rings off (a girl's gotta have her bling). While I hesitate to call this a "balm," it does form an occlusive barrier that protects irritated skin like a balm usually does. In winter, this will be a go-to for me as the wind and blowing snow dry out the area around my nose. Highly recommended for irritated and extremely dry skin and body eczema (I can't speak to using it... Read more


Verified Expert

As a makeup artist, this is a staple in my kit. It works anywhere on the body and leaves the skin incredibly hydrated and supple. Personally, I struggle with extremely dry skin. I use this on my face and LOVE how hydrated it makes my skin. When I wake up in the morning, my skin still feels moisturized- which is something I'm always trying to accomplish. I highly recommend this product.


Verified Expert

I suffer from eczema and this is my favorite thing to use over my topical medicine. It leaves my skin so hydrated and protected. I even use it right after waxing or shaving and helps protect the skin post treatment. Gentle enough I use on my daughter when her skin acts up.


Verified Expert

Okay now I gotta try this on my eczema as well! Thank you!

⭐⭐⭐Great product! I use it more so on my feet because they're the driest part of my body. They stay moisturized and look great throughout the entire day.


Verified Expert

I keep this balm in my car to use throughout the day- keeps my hands and nails super moisturized.

The balm is super hydrating without leaving that sticky greasy consistency afterwards.


Verified Expert

I lovethat this balm is for anyone's skin, but helps with itchiness and extreme problems but gentle enough for a baby or very sensitive skin... Awesome products and priceline... A new go-to!!! I also love that it is developed by a french dermatologist...it is always nice to see what the European countries are using and also has a dermatologist created and recommended.. They seem to be medical grade products just form the clinical packaging and the names of the products and descriptions... So excited a line everyone can use...


Verified Expert

Great product with an awesome price point to help with skin that is just feeling aggravated!