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I was able to try a sample of this serum and I really liked it! Did not break me out and it absorbs well into the skin. It's hydrating and didn't have much or any scent at all. It has a gel like texture and is pretty light weight. :)

As one of the most reasonably priced hydrating serums on Beautytap, I'm impressed with how well the Hydrabio performs. I have normal-to-dry skin and like that this serum absorbs quickly without being sticky. It's great for summer days and will work well for those with normal and combination skin. Layering your favorite moisturizer over it will increase the benefits. Recommended for normal to combo skin.

For a combination skin, this is a light serum that you can apply all over your face without feeling sticky. I like to use it during both my morning and night time routine. No issues layering creams and moisturizers on top.

A nice and light serum that does not leave any sticky residue. Perfect for sensitive skin.

I really like how my skin feels with this product! Not only hydrating, but has a smooth & plump feel to it. Able to easily layer on top of it. Moisturizer, Spf, Make-up etc. Love it!

This product is amazing during any season to keep your skins hydration on track! The apple seed extract makes it the perfect product for people with sensitive skin! It will keep you calm and hydrated!

This is literally a go to in my makeup kit for all of my clients. It truly hydrates the skin and gives and plump smooth surface to work on. It doesn't have any strong smells and it works on every skin time. This is one amazing product.

I love how this is lightweight especially for me that lives here in Texas where it can get really huge the weather changes so quickly so and it works at all times.I also have psoriasis so this is great on my skin.


Hi! You’re stunning with gorgeous skin. When should I be applying my serum and why this one? I’m looking to purchase my first serum :)

Hi! you can apply your serum after cleaning and toning! I would love to help if you have any other questions!