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What Is It:

The latest, greatest, new evolution of the acne patch is here! Care Bare Beauty Acne Treatment Patches go beyond your typical pimple spot treatment to not just shrink your zits but calm, soothe, and heal them all in one easy patch!
Care Bare Beauty Acne Treatment Patches utilizes painless microscopic “needles” to deliver skin soothing and zit zapping ingredients to shrink your spots overnight! Using gentle but ultra effective ingredients pulled from nature, this patch holistically treats acne while preserving the sensitive skin around it. You won’t have to worry about harsh chemical exfoliants doing damage to your complexion as Care Bare Beauty Acne Treatment Patches has their formula down pat for maximum effectiveness with minimal irritation!
Care Bare Beauty Acne Treatment Patches contains Backhousia citriodora leaf extract, a heavy duty antimicrobial that will instantly neutralize any bacteria. Madecassoside is included to soothe, calm, and reduce redness and swelling. Sodium Hyaluronate ensures that skin stays plump and strong against intruders. The real muscle behind this patch is of course Salicylic Acid, a gentle and effective nature derived exfoliant that works to dissolve away any trace of your pesky pimples. If acne has you worked up remember to Keep Calm and Zit Down! Care Beauty will take care of the rest.

Our insight:

If you’ve had trouble with pimple patches sticking to your skin overnight, worry not. These patches Do. Not. Budge!

How to use:

Clean and dry affected area, and remove front and back protective layers of the patch. Do not touch the center, and place the microneedle side of the patch on the affected area. Gently press to help delivery of key ingredients. Wear overnight and remove in the morning.


Sodium hyaluronate, backhousia citriodora leaf extract, madecassoide, dextrin, asiaticoside, melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) extract, salicylic acid, beta-glucan

Brand info:

Care Bare Beauty is a new clean beauty brand that uses only high quality and responsibly sourced ingredients, ensuring that only the good stuff gets on your skin. Cruelty-free, artificial coloring-free, artificial fragrance-free, and free of harmful chemicals and preservatives like parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, Care Bare Beauty strives to make clean beauty products that are affordable for everyone, anywhere in the world, regardless of your skin tone or type.

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