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About the product

What Is It:

It’s hard to believe, but believe it — this do-it-all whipped soufflé-like gel cools on contact to calm, soothe, and moisturize dry, acne-prone, and, yes, even sensitive skin types, all without stickiness or greasiness. Rich in Centella asiatica extract, known as tiger grass in South Asia because tigers are believed to roll around in it when injured, this moisturizer with a wholly unique texture — you have to feel it to believe it — helps heal acne scars, calms redness, and soothes irritation, all without the tacky, slick, or suffocating feeling you think of when you think of a balm or salve. It’s truly a skin saver!
※ Real Tip from Swanicoco※ Q : This cream seems like it doesn’t have enough in the jar. A : This cream is supposed to be 30g, but we put it in 40g jar, just in case it overflows. It might seem like it’s not enough, but the actual volume goes up to 31 to 32g.
Q : I see tiny bubbly grain looking things in my cream. Is this expired? A : No. Centella Asiatica ingredient itself, tends to hold together and create the grain. Swanicoco minimized chemical ingredients, which could reduce the grain, to make the product more natural and reduce possible irritation.

Our insight:

We go crazy for this hard-to-describe, totally unique product for its ability to calm, cool, moisturize, and soothe our skin, whether we’re oily, dry, acne-prone, red, or sensitive. It looks like Vaseline, except there is absolutely no greasiness, no stickiness, no suffocating feeling. It’s soft to the touch, and it feels cool on the skin — yes, cool. The whipped soufflé-like cream glides on like a gel and melts in beautifully. Our only wish? That it came in a bigger tub so we could bathe in it.

How to use:

After your serum or essence step, smooth onto the face and press in with palms or fingertips to enhance absorption.


Centella Asiatica Extract, Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate SE, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Paraoxivengosanmetil, Cyclomethicone, Dipropylene Glycol, Water

Brand info:

Beauty brands that claim to be nature-based are a dime a dozen in South Korea, but Swanicoco takes that claim seriously. With the commitment to ensuring that each Swanicoco product consists of 90% to 100% natural ingredients, Swanicoco has risen to the top of Rankey.com’s list of natural cosmetics in Korea. And it’s no wonder. Beloved for their standout products like the Bitamin C line, the Centella Asiatica Salve (an editor favorite), and PHA 10% Coco Soft Peeling Cream, Swanicoco is on a mission to disprove the notion that natural ingredients are less effective. Swanicoco harnesses Korea’s high-tech biotechnology to provide products with not just time-honored botanical ingredients but those that are science-based, ranging from epidermal growth factors to snail mucin to fermented ingredients. Originally founded in 2000 by Seong Chunseon as a way to treat her family’s sensitive skin, Swanicoco soon expanded to a business after Seong started getting rave reviews of her naturally fermented soaps from her neighbors. Today, Swanicoco boasts a collection of over 150 products, ranging from skincare and color cosmetics to hair and body care and, of course, Seong’s fermented soaps (now offered in nine varieties). There are 28 Swanicoco retail locations throughout Korea as well as a robust online presence. A favorite of insiders in the beauty community, Swanicoco continues to operate in the spirit of its founder, making each product as if it were for their own family.

Reviews & Comments 3


My poor daughter's skin went into full panic mode recently. Acne and dry, chapped skin. She tried what she could. I read the comments on this product and realized this might just help. Holy snails did it! Within 24 hours the redness had decreased. She has been using it for a week and the chapped skin is gone. With the help of adjusting her skin care routine and adding this project has made a world of difference. Neither of us saw anything regarding the graininess that someone else noted. This will be a staple through the cold dry months ahead.... Read more


I have mixed feelings about this one. It did everything a well made centella product should. It's cool, soothing calmed the redness and wasn't oily or sticky. My daughter liked the texture better than the centella cream she is currently using. But, with all that being said, mine is actually grainy. There are white grains thruout the salve and the container was way less than half full. You can feel the grains rub on your skin when you apply the salve. I tried stirring the contents with a spatula hoping that it might have seperated somewhat during the shipping or... Read more


Just curious -- did your other jars have the same problem?


Whoa, that\'s totally not right dragok. It definitely should not have grains in it! You should email customer service and return it so we can notify Swanicoco. Can you take a photo too?


Well, I would but....as usual in my life there is the rest of the story.... my daughter in law (to be) went to the dentist, they spilled, dropped, spattered, whatever, some kind of fluid on her face. It started burning immediately but she said nothing. By the time she got here she had an obvious chemical burn. After some research on her part and a call to my cousin , who is a dental assistant, we discovered said fluid contains phosphoric acid. I started treating the burn with traditional meds but also started her on that jar of... Read more


Yikes, I hope she doesn't have to go back to that dentist! Good thing you had your "jars and potions"... :)


No they were great! I have opened 2 more jars since the first one. One to send to college with my daughter and one for home. My daughter in law (to be) used the first jar. So, even though it was seriously grainy, it was still effective. I'm loving this stuff!!


omg, I'm just so glad she's ok! Also glad to know centella works when it really matters!


It does. Now, my daughter burned her leg last week. The dr said 2nd degree and she is on meds plus creams for burn. She is coming home today and I'm going to start her on my "potions". She dropped a Chi straightener in her lap so the burn is the length of the straightener and as wide. The scar is going to be awful. We are just one giant case study! So now let's see what kind of magic centella works on that one.


One of my favorite products right now. Such a unique texture, not at all sticky or balm-like (the word "salve" is misleading), and cools my skin on contact. I love it when my skin feels sensitive, red, or just troubled.