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Verified Expert

I am using this product morning and night. After a week, I didn't want to put concealer or foundation on every day. I already noticed a difference in my skin and I am more confident to not cover up with makeup so much. I am looking forward to seeing what my skin will look like when I use up all of this product! If you're curious about trying this out, go for it... just don't let the ingredients intimidate you.


Verified Expert

I love this product! It truly made my skin happier and it reduced scarring so well! It sounds gross to put snail mucin on your skin but it does wonders. I would certainly recommend this product for its all-in-one benefits.

This is the best all around cream! And it seems to work miracles against zits. People think I'm crazy for how much I love snail mucin, but then they say I have great skin, so...


Verified Expert

I love it, too, even under my eyes.

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