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Verified Expert

This is hands-down the BEST snail mucin product on the market, in my opinion! This fragrance free formula is so soothing and gentle to the skin. Snail mucin provides healing, anti-aging and even anti-acne benefits! This formula soaks into the skin so beautifully. If you have skin, you need this product!

I've been testing this product out for a little over two months now and am absolutely loving it! The consistency is nothing abnormal; it's a lot like a hyaluronic acid serum I've also been trying. This product is so gentle and can be applied to pretty much any skin type/concern and delivers incredible benefits. A real do-it-all essence! I've definitely noticed a difference in my skin's smoothness, moisture, and texture while also seeing a significant improvement in my oil production levels. I can't recommend this enough!


Verified Expert

🐌 Don’t be a slow poke to the snail train! You are over thinking it. It’s not sticky, it’s not slimy and best of all it’s got no discernible fragrance, residue, or heaviness. This lightweight treatment completely absorbs into the skin and is a great addition, especially to your summertime skincare routine!


Verified Expert

THIS. IS. IT. HONEY. Dry skin? Oily skin? Acne prone skin? Aging skin? SNAIL MUCIN'S GOTCHU. Seriously, this is your go-to essence for every skin type/concern. The list of benefits that you will see from using a product with snail mucin is endless - and the price point is unbeatable! With a whopping 96% snail secretion, this is a MUST HAVE in every skincare routine! I can't sing the praises of this product loud enough for the people in the back. If you're on the fence, don't be. I promise you won't regret it! If you have more questions on... Read more


Verified Expert

My skin feels so nice and plump after using this product. Snail Secretion is one of me HOLY GRAILS, its healing and repairing properties make your skin tighten and improve its texture. This is a great ally to repair your skin's moisture barrier.


Verified Expert

Butylene glycol is another key ingredient worth noting because not only does it offer hydrating benefits, but it also works to help active ingredients better penetrate the skin. Def a go to for my clients with: hyperpigmentation, acne prone and oily skin


Verified Expert

I love Korean skincare and the thought of snails is strange but not enough to gross me out. You want your skin to glow, this is a great way to start. I used to buy this from amazon but what I hated is the price would fluctuate a lot. Love that I can get my products here.


Verified Expert

Ok so I am really new to Korean skincare so i had never used an essence before and I have oily skin so i was affraid of how this was gonna feel on my skin but i was aurprised how much i actually like it. Leaves your skin looking glowy but not oily doesn’t make my skin feel like and oil mess during the day. Guess im a fan of snail mucin now


Verified Expert

I bought this purely for the hype of " i use snail mucin on my face". So far so good. I wash my face, towel dry, a spritz of rose water and then apply two pumps onto my fingers and slide them around then gently press the essence into my skin. I watched the youtube video of the guy doing a seven day trail and saw he rubbed it into his skin, but the product would peel, so i press it in (like the directions suggest) then i finish up with my moisturizer. Skin looks soft and "glowy" and... Read more


Verified Expert

The hype is real!!! I’ve been using this everyday for about 5 days now and the change is almost unbelievable. My breakouts have almost entirely stopped. The older breakouts have healed up and the texture of my skin has NEVER felt smoother! Please please if you are going to try one thing new, I recommend going for the COSRX snail essence. I promise it’s not weird and has no smell. (The two questions I always get first). This is truly powerful and for only $21 you won’t be sorry.


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