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This is amazing! Has a lot of good nutrients and it’s so lightweight and effective. My skin has been so smooth and feels a lot stronger. And it’s not sticky at all.


I love gel textured moisturizers for my face and skin. A few weeks ago, I went camping and instead of wearing lotion that would attract bugs, I used this! It's so light and refreshing.


On a fitzpatrick scale, my skin is a Type IV so I don't burn easily, but when I do need to calm my skin this is my go to product. Honestly, I only review products that I have used/tried. However, each and everyone of us have different skin types so what works for me may not work for you, but it's worth giving it a shot. (for the price you have nothing to lose--in my opinion)


What I like most about this product is the cool sensation I'm left with after applying it. This Florida heat is no joke and this has a nice cooling effect on my face, which is something I've found in all of the COSRX products I've tried so far.


Just ordered this cream I can't wait,anything with aloe vera in it around this time of the year I have to have!!! The humidity dries my skin out!!!


I knew i would like this product as its made with aloe but i fell in love with it! This product is great for all skin types as it's not drying and it does not leave an oily film. I recommend this product to anyone!


This moisturizer is amazing! I love aloe vera for pretty much everything. This product really works for my normal to dry skin.


Aloe Vera is a miracle plant that has all of your vitamins, oil control, and moisture elements in one swipe of a single leaf! This product is a great go to!


I completely agree!! Aloe Vera is an incredible healing plant, image what it will do for your skin!!

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