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What Is It:

Reduce blackheads, remove sebum, and minimize the appearance of pores and oiliness with COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid. With 4% betaine salicylate, this gentle exfoliant reaches deep into pores to clarify skin while balancing oil production and improving glow.

Our insight:

Start by using once a week, as your skin adjusts, and increase frequency as needed. (Always remember: overuse can lead to over-exfoliation!)

How to use:

Put a moderate amount of the liquid on a cotton pad and gently rub and wipe on your skin, particularly on your T-zone area. Avoid touching your eyes and lips area. To maximize the effect, use  2-3 times a week and gradually increase the usage, depending on your skin type.


Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Water, Butylene Glycol, Betaine Salicylate, Niacinamide, 1,2-Hexanediol, Arginine, Panthenol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Xanthan Gum, Ethyl Hexanediol

Brand info:

A true breakout star in the highly competitive world of K-beauty, COSRX’s popularity spread by word-of-mouth through the blogosphere rather than marketing. Founded with the simple mission of good, effective skincare ingredients, as little of the bad stuff as possible, open communication with their customers, minimal marketing, and affordability, COSRX believes in spending their money on ingredients and effectiveness rather than packaging and promotions. To that end, they focus on their ground game, listening to customer feedback to refine and formulate their products and provide better service. From their cult favorite One Step Pimple Clear Pads to their Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser, COSRX epitomizes the future of K-beauty.

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This product is helpful in lessening blackheads/etc. I like that it's mild enough for daily use (for me). That being said though, my skin does still need other products (e.g., AHA) in order keep pores from getting clogged.


I see this is filed under "Skin TypeOily" and honestly I am confused by that because I love this product and my face couldn't be drier. Anyway. Talk about making a believer out of me. I have been reading a lot about chemical exfoliants specifically for hormonal spots and post-hair removal (waxing, tweezing etc) because those are the only times I have breakouts. I wanted to try slow and steady because I concerned I don't know enough about mixing acids (I have been reading). This is such and IDEAL beginner acid product. My skin feels all one texture and my... Read more


I L-O-V-E this product. whenever I'm out of this my skin gets so much worse. My skin is really dry but this doesn't make it worse, which is incredible, because so many of other skin clearing product dry my skin out soo much. Usually I use a pore-filling primer on my nose area, but after using this for ~a month I don't need to any more.


I can't live without this product. Complete holy grail here. I am close to finishing my 3rd bottle! Again super sensitive irritable skin. Now we are heading to cold weather and my skin is totally dried out. So it works for dry skin too! But this product is completely not irritating. It keeps my skin clear.

But not only on my face. (I got this from another commentor and not sure where the original is so I can't take credit for this tip.) It is perfect for body acne and ingrown hairs - everywhere! Yes that includes that oh... Read more


This was a great intro to BHA for me. If you're new to acids, definitely use this gentle BHA product, especially if you're oily or acne-prone. It never dried out my skin or irritated it, and ever since I started using BHA regularly in the AM (with a 20 minute wait), my acne has been less severe, my oiliness less like an oil slick, and even my blackheads are smaller. (In fact, they're more sebaceous filaments now — the blackheads I used to get are pretty much non-existent.) BHAs can change your skin's life!


Takes some time for the results to show, but it really does work! This was one of the first k-beauty products that I tried and I was surprised by how effective it was. Much more effective than my clarsonic.  Just wish it didn't have the smell.  It dissipates quickly, but it took some getting use to.

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