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Why I love It: The ingredients are why I love this product! The willow bark water creates a lightweight texture, making it easy to smooth over your skin; providing instant hydration. The 4% betaine salicylate is a gentle exfoliant, perfect for sensitive/oily combination skin for purifying pores. It also contains niacinamide; an ingredient that consistently repairs your skin's moisture barrier and reducing inflammation. A combination of these ingredients will leave you with smooth, luscious, even-tone skin. 
 My Results: I have been religiously using this product for 4 years and it has done wonders for my skin. I have sensitive/oily skin, enlarged pores, and... Read more


This is such a great purchase. My fiance and I use it and we are impressed. He has lots of enlarged pores and lots of blackheads. This product helped to get rid of them. This product makes it so simple to just cleanse your skin from any impurities. It is super gentle and does not irritate the skin as well.


I will admit, it's been a minute since I've used a liquid exfoliant like this. I personally love that feeling of a scrub. But, wow, I must say this was a pleasant surprise! My man and I have both been using this and love it! It feels amazing on the skin. Clean, but not dry. I deal with congestion and I notice a difference every time I use it.


This product changed my life! Not only did it tame my oily skin but it got rid of the sebaceous filaments on my nose and helps prevent my hormonal acne breakouts. I love that it's strong, being 4% betaine salicylate but also gentle enough to use everyday. This is my holy grail product and if I skin a day my skin knows it.


I love that this product is gentle on the skin and also moisturizing. It helps with enlarged pores, oily skin, and dark spots. For sure something I'd like to keep using.


This product was PERFECT for my oily skin and the stubborn blackheads on my nose. It instantly hydrated my skin! After one use I could feel and see the difference!


Great product for those who are struggling with oily skin and black heads. After exfoliating you wont have to worry about dryness. The hyaluronic acid leaves your skin feeling hydrated.


I really like this product to help keep pores clear. I love that it isn't overly drying or irritating like some BHA products can be. My daughter has relatively sensitive skin and she uses this 2-3 times a week.


Amazing ingredients, use 1-2 times a week. Mechanical and psychical exfoliatants leave me red and irritated but this gives me that dewy glow without the redness.


Good product for people with oily skin!


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