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Great product! I just recently started using it and I can definitely see a difference. Its brightening properties are definitely working. I did feel a slight tingling feeling when I got too close to the mouth area so I would steer clear from sensitive areas!


This is a good, simple, solid product. If you are starting out with ferments and k-beauty this would be a good start. For those already knee deep, this product is a little thicker as a first essence. For me this isn't as effective as another ferment that I use. I have dry, irritable, sensitive skin and my skin does not seem to like this one very much. I have been breaking out a bit. Again solid product and would not discount telling another to try it but unfortunately it isn't for me.

i agree im loving the fifty shades of snail light and bright box????

Jude Chao

Yay, I'm so glad!!

im looking forward for another box hahaha


Also, if you HAVE experienced the same reaction, I calmed down my skin by doing an ice treatment and a high-salt concentration Dead Sea mud mask - both of which kill yeast.


To me it feels thicker than first essences, which might make it harder to layer thinner toners on top of. I use it as a regular essence.

I feel really 'meh' about this product. It worked fine enough to hydrate my skin, but I never experienced the brightening that it had been raved about for. I also never noticed any extra plumping or firming of fine lines, so once I ran out of my first bottle I decided not to go for a second.


This essence was fine, but it didn't give me the same soft, bright look as the Missha FTE. It's slightly more viscous than the Missha essence, and slightly more visibly hydrating, so for those with drier skin (mine is combo-oily) it may be a better choice. And it's about half the cost of Missha per bottle, so there's that to factor in. All in all, a solid product but not a standout.


Placed an order for this and can't wait to receive it and see how it works for my oily, acne prone skin.


This essence was the first ferment product that I bought and I still use it. I no longer use it twice a day everyday like I originally did but I use it at least once a day. I've collected quite a few ferment containing products since I started but this one has a permanent spot. It absorbs wells, layers with other products well and has helped (or a least played a part in helping) my old, dull, dry, wrinkled skin. I use this in combination with a lot of other items so I cannot say all of the improvements are... Read more


Unfortunately I cannot rave about this product as much as everyone else does - it is definitely a solid product, but for me the brightening effect never happened. It spends decent moisture though, which is nice.


I already emptied 2 bottles of this essence and i can say that it really helps absorb the other products that you put on your skin. It is easily absorbed by the skin and i use it after putting toner on my face.


Would this be considered a first essence since it has fermented yeasts?


I used one bottle of this essence based on the fact that I read somewhere that its a dupe for the SK II essence. It was a nice, light, hydrating essence. I think I will have to keep using it to see more brightening results. Like others have said, it absorbs quickly and is good first essence.


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