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Most people that live in SoCal are persistently dehydrated. Maybe its the weather, maybe its all the Rosè we drink for brunch ... either way this hyaluronic fueled essence is perfect for anyone experiencing dehydration. Whether your oily, combo or dry this will be a great addition to your skincare arsenal.


Everyone should be using a hyaluronic acid (including the other members of your household!), it is a humectant that will keep your skin hydrated and your skin barrier strong! This one is affordable and has added nutrients like sea buckthorn for extra nourishment.


This is good to use in the morning and at night. You can use it before applying makeup. Also, on the days when you don't wear any makeup, you can use it so your skin feels smooth and hydrated. I love products with hyaluronic acid!


This is a great product for dry skin. I know it says for facial use but I also like to use it on arms and legs as well. It gives a smooth fresh look.


I have combo oily skin. I use this mainly at night on nights when I feel like my face looks dehydrated and dull. In the morning my face feels so refresh and hydrated.


love love love this product! I live in Colorado and the weather is really dry, my skin is always battling with hydration . this product is a very good add on my skincare routine.
my skin feel plump, hydrate and look beautiful and glowy, give it try !


Hyaluronic acid is a staple in my routine. I love how much product you get in this bottle, a little goes a long way. It plumps and hydrates dull and dry skin, but all skin types can definitely benefit from it.


Hyaluronic Acid may sound scary, but it's AMAZING for your skin & definitely a must-have in your routine. I notice plumper, more firm, & brighter skin immediately!


Super hydrating for my dry skin

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