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I always recommend this to my clients who are more on the sensitive side and deal with redness or irritation. I here good feedback every time

This moisturizing gel is spectacular! I have oily, acne prone skin, so very rich, intense formulas aren't my best option. What caught my attention about this gel cream is that is silicone free!!! most of the products out there aren't and is extremely hard to find these type of gems. Silicones aren't the worst thing in the world, I just notice my skin responds better when I avoid them as most as I can (since many products that are great still have them). What I love about this is how efficiently it delivers the perfect amount of moisture with nourishing... Read more

the thing that i truly love about Cosrx is the wide variety of products that’s designed for every single usage for every detailed and catered for skin situations. either it’s mature skin, acne inflammation, oily, or dryness. there’s a line of products, designed already for step by step skincare for each and every situation that needs attention, love and care. and it’s affordable.

this product is perfection to sensitive skin and for flare-ups regarding to acne.

Very simple and easy to read formula. . skin enhancing/barrier defending ingredients, a base of rich green tea and also moringa for a balance calming effect. . lightweight and comfortable, great for the price point!