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Beauty Experts consist of estheticians, cosmetologists, makeup artists, and beauty professionals who supplied documented proof of their industry experience.


Verified Expert

I've been in beauty for 20+ years and, for whatever reason, I am brand new to K-beauty. Where have I been?
CosRx does a great job of formulating effective products at a very great price. I am super picky when it comes to a daily cleanser. It must remove light makeup easily, must not strip the skin and it shouldn't leave residue behind. Well--Check, check and check. I wear a tinted SPF and this cleanser removes it all, leaving my skin soft and ready for a second cleanse or my softener. Great price, huge bottle.


Verified Expert

I love this cleanser! I have really dry/sensitive skin so I can’t use a lot of products on my face. This has been working so well on my skin.


Verified Expert

This cleanser is really gentle and removes makeup well. I use this as my first cleanse before a gel cleanser and I love how soft it leaves the skin. This works great as a single cleanser as well in a pinch!


Verified Expert

This milk gel cleansing formula is so gentle, yet completely removes oil and make-up without drying out my skin. Perfect for all skin types!


Verified Expert

As a makeup artist I specifically look for milk cleansers to carry in my kit. Why? 1) Milk cleansers are designed to be mild and are perfect for all skin types. 2) You can use milk cleansers without water. There have been plenty of on location shoots where water was not readily available. To cleanse a face, it was as simple as putting the cleanser on and using a tissue to wipe off the cleanser. I understand we have facial wipes now but a good ol' milk cleanser is a great back up if not better option.

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I love using this on days when I don't wear makeup but still need to do some deep cleansing of my oily T-zone. It's milky and super mild, so I don't know if it'd remove my waterproof makeup (but I use a bi-phase makeup remover for that anyway #teamtriplecleanse). But I do like feeling like I'm cutting through the oil without doing a whole oil cleanse on makeup- and sunscreen-free days.

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