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After your skincare routine, you can use this as a barrier and boost. Use it on the days you don't wear any makeup and let your skin restore and absorb the moisture. You can even use it on your arms and legs for a glow.

This mist is so gentle, yet moisturizing. It leaves you with that dewy skin we all want. The few ingredients are effective and will keep your skin refreshed throughout the day.

Maintaining a low pH level is very important for our epidermis. Formulated with 98.10% coconut fruit extract and 0.5% PHA (polyhydroxy acid), this mist is designed to keep your skin’s pH at the optimal level, so your skin can better fight off acne-causing bacteria and stay hydrated. You'll notice fewer breakouts as well as smooth supple skin. With a short ingredient list including three fruit extracts, this mist is free of potential irritants like parabens, artificial fragrance, surfactants, and mineral oil. Trust me, it'll be your secret weapon for refreshed and clear skin all year long.

This is a really great mist! Finally one for my girls with combo to oily skin! This wont leave your skin feeling tight or dry just hydrated and refreshed. This will also give you a gentle exfoliation promoting faster cell turnover for smoother looking skin!


It's a solid mist and it looks pretty on my desk haha. Though I prefer mists that are bi-phase (oil and water) for true hydration, I appreciate that this one has PHA, a hydrating AHA I've been wanting to add to my routine for a while now. (Sheryll Donerson's article on PHA totally convinced me to give it a try.) I like feeling that it's rebalancing my skin's pH midday. It works great when I use it before my cushion touch-up.


This is on my list to try!

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