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I do like this product. My skin feels very refined but still hydrated. I’m noticing my dark spots lightening, and less breakouts. Also my oil and dryness is quite balanced!

Absolutely amazing at treating large pores and dark spots.


I love this treatment/toner -- it helps so much with my acne and even though the smell is stronger, it is well worth it imo.


This was a great intro to AHA for my oily, acne-prone T-zone. A lot of people complain about the strong smell, but to me it didn't smell too bad. (Maybe my olfactory senses are deadened by all the alcohol I used in my teen skincare haha.) It's a good intro to AHA, imo, and allows your skin to adjust to its effects before you try more hardcore AHAs. And I love, love, love that propolis is the first ingredient. That makes it a winner right there.


I *think* I like this? I know it's a cult favorite and everyone swears by it during breakouts. I have had the worst breakout of my life this summer and decided to incorporate this to try to help calm things down. I think it's working but I've only been using it for about 3 weeks. If nothing else, I do noticed a slight difference in moisture retention, which is nice.


tbh a more hardcore AHA product is more effective for me in calming breakouts (I like Biologique Recherche P50W for sensitive skin). Propolis and COSRX BHA are good as a maintenance measure, imo.


That makes a ton of sense!

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