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I'm so glad I decided to give this cream a go! What caught my immediate attention was the PHA. This ingredient, like AHA and BHA, is an acid that delivers chemical exfoliation, the difference is in the molecular structure, because is larger it does not penetrate as deeply into the skin therefore it is far more gentle. This product is the perfect combo between intense hydration and just the right amount of exfoliation to keep your complexion smooth and bright!

This product is one of my favorite moisturizers. First it has an mind blowing Hydroxy Acid that is new to the standard Alpha and Beta club, it is called POLYHYDROXY ACID....yes you are reading that right! This is a synergistic take on the traditional Glycolic/ lactic blend with a scientific twist. If you have acne, dilated follicles ( yes I don't call them pores...I'll tell you why in my Q & A Section), oily skin, rough texture, this is the product for you. I would suggest using this only at night and use a stand alone day time moisturizer with... Read more


I am 56 yrs. old & was looking for a product to give my dull skin a glow. I saw results right away! My skin looked hydrated, healthier, & smooth from day 1. I highly recommend for mature skin.

My daughter purchased this and I had to try it. I LOVE it. It's hydrating but not oily. The gentle exfoliation of gluconolactone and the brightening/anti-aging niacinamide make this a triple threat product (hydrating, exfoliating and anti-aging) that I can recommend to my clients. And one of the best things: no detectable fragrance. This one's a winner.

Love this review, thank you for sharing!

This is very moisturizing, exactly what I needed for my dehydrated skin. It absorbs very quickly, which I love.

Miranda Rico

My ALL TIME favorite cream. Enough said 😍

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