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With age I’ve noticed that my pores are more visible and while I have sensitive skin it was difficult to find a product to take care of both. COSRX has the perfect blend; it tightened my skin enough to reduce the pores but it didn’t strip me to where my skin was dry or irritated. It’s a keeper.


Verified Expert

Love COSRX! They make straight forward products that actually do what they say. Willow bark is great for excess sebum production and inflammation. This formula is great for acne-prone/sensitive skin types.


Verified Expert

This is perfect for all ages. One time when my son was a teen. A dermatologist gave him a chemical peel to try to improve his acne. It made his skin worse and my son felt awful.
This project does the job without irritating acne prone sensitive skin.


Verified Expert

This is an awesome products for sensitive skin and reducing the appearance of your pores. I love willow bark and salicylic acid has been a life saver ingredient in my acne prone skin care routine.

This is the perfect product for when my skin is feeling super sensitive, but I still want to exfoliate (I'm crazy, I know). It's cooling, it's gentle, and does the job every time. My skin feels so good after I use this — morning and night.

I love that 1) this is in a pump, 2) it's a BHA product that I can use year-round (I put my AHAs on hiatus during the summer to prevent photosensitivity, and 3) it's still hydrating so my skin doesn't feel stripped. It's a bouncy, soothing essence-like treatment that is just enough for my oily T-zone. I also love that I'm getting in some pore care while I'm at it. Definitely worth it, especially if you just want to get started with a BHA product without overly irritating your skin. I would totally recommend this to my young teen nieces. Read more

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