Get an A+ in Skin 101 with the DR.FROG A – Cream! This cult-favorite cream soothes, firms, revitalizes, and protects skin thanks to a patented complex of vitamins C and E for brightening, as well as Elm tree extract, which deeply hydrates and prevents moisture loss. This DR.FROG cream can be used both day and night, making it the perfect go-to moisturizer to help calm and moisturize skin.

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Apply an appropriate amount and evenly spread all over the face. Gently tap to promote absorption. Use in both morning or evening routines.

Main ingredients: Tocovita C Complex, Elm tree extract, Onion, Centella asiatica, Adenosine, Retinyl Palmitate, Sodium guaiazulene sulfonate, Pantenol, Astaxanthin, Ascorbyl tocopheryl acetate

In 1966, a pharmacist named Gwang-seok Kim opened Pibo Pharmacy in Jung-gu, Seoul, which specialized in skin care. This pharmacy was where the Korean beauty brand DR.FROG was born. The brand’s inaugural product, the A – Cream, quickly grew in popularity, making a name for the brand and for Pibo Pharmacy nation-wide. For the following years, Mr. Kim continued to diligently analyze the data of over 300,000 people in order to provide the most informed and individualized treatment to every client. 50 years in the making and counting, DR.FROG of Charmzone Cosmetics (founded in 1984) continues to stand the test of time in providing high quality, medically-backed skin care to treat, protect, and maintain beautiful skin.