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About the product

What Is It:

The Dr.Oracle Antibac Acne Derma Full Set is composed of the entire Antibac product line of Dr. Oracle:
Please click on the link provided for each product for more details:
Dr.Oracle Antibac Moisturizing Gel Cream 50ml https://beautytap.com/product/dr-oracle-antibac-moisturizing-gel-cream-50ml-at-beautytap/
Dr.Oracle Antibac Spot Corrector 15ml https://beautytap.com/product/dr-oracle-antibac-spot-corrector-15ml-at-beautytap/
Dr.Oracle Antibac Derma Light Sun Essence SPF50+ PA+++ 60ml https://beautytap.com/product/dr-oracle-antibac-derma-light-sun-essence-spf50-pa-60ml-at-beautytap/
Dr.Oracle Antibac Acne Cleansing Foam 120ml https://beautytap.com/product/dr-oracle-antibac-acne-cleansing-foam-120ml-at-beautytap/
Dr.Oracle Antibac Derma Refining Toner 130ml https://beautytap.com/product/dr-oracle-antibac-derma-refining-toner-130ml-at-beautytap/
Dr.Oracle Antibac Pore Balancing Essence Lotion 110ml https://beautytap.com/product/dr-oracle-antibac-pore-balancing-essence-lotion-110ml-at-beautytap/

Brand info:

Oracle Cosmetics are part of Oracle Medical Group, which was established in 2006 by participation of dermatologist shareholders of Oracle Clinic to provide solutions for various skin concerns. Starting from self-home care solution after dermatology treatment, they have enlarged their range for more effective and safe results by conducting continuous research and development.

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Highly recommended! Love it! 🤩