DuDu Star Star Face Shining Moisture Natural Mist delivers better nutrition and activates oxygen for healthier skin. This line has 1/1000 sized molecules of Peptide and Collagen particles that directly get into your skin and reenergizes it. Instead of purified water, this line of masks contains more than 20 mineral bases to enhance the effects of all the good ingredients. This mist mainly contains Nitrogen Oxides, Minerals, Silica, and Barbassu Oil to transfer powerful energy to skin, making skin look and feel healthy all day. The active ingredient quickly penetrates into the skin to form a protective barrier to maintain a clear and glowing skin texture.

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Hold 20~30cm away from the face. Close eyes and spray mist over the face.

Nitrogen oxide water, Selenium, Calcium, Germanium, Magnesium, Mineral Water, Silica, Babassu Oil, Hexanediol ,Perfume

Founded by a mother-daughter team, DuDuBéBé is a natural skincare brand created for the entire family. Co-founder Aeri Christina Kim is a microbiologist and researcher who sought to create a skincare line safe enough for even sensitive teenage skin. Focusing on the best ingredients from nature that are also low-stimulus, DuDuBéBé offers safe products suitable for acne-prone skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, and dry skin.


Having cut out the middleman and directly manufacturing and distributing their own products, DuDuBéBé is able to offer clean products at reasonable prices.


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