This viral skincare trend is all over social media, and for good reason! Not only does the Elizavecca Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask cleanse and purify your pores—it also bubbles and foams up on your face for the perfect, hilarious selfie. Made with charcoal, clay, and natural extracts, the mask has a whipped cream-like texture that immediately starts to foam and bubble as soon as you apply it onto your skin. Just watch these funny dads try the mask for the first time!


Watch how some K-beauty daddies do this bubbling clay mask:

How to:

Apply the mask evenly to your face. Within 5 minutes, you’ll see bubbles start to form. Gently wipe away bubbles. Massage water onto face to loosen mud pack, then cleanse thoroughly with warm water.

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It's a really fun to use mask! But make sure to close the lid correctly. Otherwise it won't work anymore.

Fun mask to have and have in rotation like other users mentioned it is easier to use before showering cause it makes taking off a lot easier.

This is a fun product. I use it after my oil and before a chemical exfoliation since it is a gentle cleanse for my skin.

In all honesty this is more of a fun gimmicky product. I don't find it reduces pores or decongests, but its fun to use and it leaves my skin feeling clean. I always use this before oil cleansing.

A MUST for anyone your want to introduce to kbeauty! No mask is more fun to slap on your friends/family and watch as they grow a bubble beard! I like to use a scrubbing cloth from Daiso to really work it in after the bubbles have fully formed and its ready to wash fabulous for a night routine!

Daiso, the international reference ;p

Definitely a very fun product. It is far less stripping than other clay masks I've used, but it can be a little difficult to rinse off. It's easiest to use it before oil cleansing.

This product is definitely fun. Who doesn't like bubbles!
I find it best to use just before a shower, makes washing it off much easier.
However I can't say this has done anything much for me.

Love the bubbles especially the part where you can pop them!

Definitely is more skincaretainment than a result driven clay mask. It has a pretty strong artificial floral fragrance and takes a lot of work to rinse clean.

I like the word Skincaretainment :)
We all need some fun in life, it's cool to have beauty and fun together every now and then ;p Beauty should be fun! (but good.. hehe)

This mask is not only super fun, it's good at helping with my oily skin! It's a bit drying even WITH my oily skin, but I feel that it does help zap any blemishes coming up, and reduces the size of my pores for a bit. Also the bubbling is a lot of fun, I like to see how much like a cloud I start to look! This mask also takes a little bit of extra effort to rinse off, I recommend using it before a shower and making life easy when it comes to rinsing off.