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About the product

What Is It:

House your Etude House Dear My Lips Talk lipsticks in special  edition cherry blossom cases as pretty as the colors within. Quantities are limited, so act fast and collect them all!

How to use:

Take one Etude House Dear My Lips Talk and push it into the case until you hear a “click” sound.

Reviews & Comments 4


I have just received my cherry blossom case. I opted for #33 and it is beautiful beyond words.


Someone knows what color this lipsticks are?
Alguien sabe de qué color son estos labiales?


This is not a lipstick. it's a lipstick case :)
these cases work with etude lips. you can buy a lipstick color in this link :)


Thanks for the information, actually I already look for them in internet.
is just that this things doesn't exist in my country so it is something new for me and I really thought it was a lipstick.
But, thanks a lot for your response ;))


the packaging so cute i want to have all the co
lection 😍😍😍


That packaging!!! So pretty!