About the product

What Is It:

Make your double cleanse skintertaining with this adorable silicone scrubbie brush! One side features finer bristles for gentle cleansing, while the other side is great for tougher, blackhead-prone areas.

How to use:

First wet the silicon brush and squeeze your favorite cleansing foam into the bottom sponge hole. Lather it by rubbing it with your hands. Squeeze the silicon brush and apply the foam onto your face. Use the silicone bristles to cleanse your face by rotating the brush in circular motions. Rinse with lukewarm water when finished.

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It's cute and easy to clean too!


How cute!!!


It's super cute and convenient!


Its shape is nice.


So cute
Like it so much

I bought this cute little brush while in Korea, and I think it works pretty well for when I am cleaning my face. I also love when you squeeze it because then all the bubbles come out! But overall I think that it is a great tool for cleaning your face.


Também tenho um desse, minha pele melhorou muito depois que comecei a usar e ter uma rotina de pele adequada