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What Is It:

You go through your skincare routine every day. Why not make it a little bit more fun with a cute cat ear headband? Not only will the super soft and adorable headband keep hair back while you go through your beauty routine, you’ll be Insta-ready for any cute selfies!

How to use:

Pull hair back with the headband.

Brand info:

One look at any Etude House boutique or product, and you’ll understand: Etude House is all about making the everyday a little bit sweeter. Though they have a fast fashion approach to makeup — with playful packaging, trendy and limited edition colors, and affordable prices — this global beauty brand doesn’t skimp on quality. In fact, long-time favorites like their Fresh Cherry Tint and Proof 10 Eye Primer have been around for years and continue to be fan favorites. Their philosophy of positivity and optimism is truly infectious, and their wide array of makeup and skincare encourages the young and young-at-heart to have fun with beauty and, yes, make life a little sweeter.

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The kitten headband is synonymous with K-beauty in my eyes. I think I own three or four because I wash them a lot and they're not too tight.


I bought this because just tying my hair back during my routine wasn’t working. My baby/flyaway hairs were always getting stuck to my face. This headband keeps my hair back and the cat ears are a cute touch.


Bought this on a whim but now I’m so glad I did! It holds hair away from my face very securely but is never too tight. I use it every night during my skincare routine. Can’t wait to get another one!


This is my second kitty ears headband. I love the first one but I misplaced it and it just feels wrong to pull my hair back with anything else. I must be true to my dear ears! Seriously, though, this headband is comfortable, wide enough to effectively guard my hair from products and water splashing as I rinse my face, made well of a soft terrycloth, affordable and adorable. It's a no brainer!


Half the reason I bought this is because of how cute it is. Now I can't do my routine without it! It stays on securely without digging into my scalp or pulling my hair. It's also remarkably soft, yet holds up well even when I put it through the washing machine.

Oh, and I think I even recently saw it show up briefly in a K-pop music video. That has to count for something, right?


Yeyyyy! I so want this 🐝


P.S. Yerp i'm a cat person too. ✨


I love headbands at night and this is one of the cutest! Love this!! ^^


Mignon et doux, rien de plus à ajouter :)
Cute and sweet, nothing more to add :)


I have a larger than average head, so a lot of headbands are too tight and end up hurting. Happy to say that this isn't the case with this one! It is very comfortable, functional, and cute :)


It's cute. It's a cat('s ears.) What else could you want? :D

Also of note: I have a larger than normal head for a female and this feels just fine with no hot spots or rubbing. This headband is perfect for masking or removing makeup/keeping hair out of the way. It's made of a fine and soft fleece in an off-white color with pink triangles for the inner ears.


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