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About the product

What Is It:

Get the most natural-looking brows with this long-lasting brow tint. Infused with centella asiatica extract, green tea extract, and sunflower extract, the popular Etude House Tint My Brows Gel protects and nourishes the brows while delivering beautiful pigment with lasting staying power.

Our insight:

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How to use:

Before applying, make sure the eyebrow area is clean and has no makeup.  Outline brows the shape you want; then fill in the brows, applying a thick layer of the gel. Let the gel sit for around 2 hours. Peel the tint gently and slowly.
Tip: Don’t use a cleansing product on your eyebrows for at least 24 hours to increase staying power.

Brand info:

One look at any Etude House boutique or product, and you’ll understand: Etude House is all about making the everyday a little bit sweeter. Though they have a fast fashion approach to makeup — with playful packaging, trendy and limited edition colors, and affordable prices — this global beauty brand doesn’t skimp on quality. In fact, long-time favorites like their Fresh Cherry Tint and Proof 10 Eye Primer have been around for years and continue to be fan favorites. Their philosophy of positivity and optimism is truly infectious, and their wide array of makeup and skincare encourages the young and young-at-heart to have fun with beauty and, yes, make life a little sweeter.

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Originally purchased from Memebox (you know, when that was a thing), this tint worked wonderfully initially however towards the end the consistency got lumpy and gross, and I started to notice a very chemically smell. I know I was still using it before the expiration date but something makes me fear that it was mislabeled as I started breaking out near my eyebrows after use! Sigh :( Too bad though because this grey brown was a perfect color match for me.


I think the dark brown shade looked pretty natural; I didn't find it to be too warm, personally. You need to put on way more than you think you do! Don't be afraid to layer it on very thick indeed. For that reason, I find it tedious to apply and sometimes just don't feel like bothering.

I don't think it lasts for days but maybe that's because I like to cleanse in the morning. If you use a micellar water instead of a traditional cream, liquid, or foaming cleanser, that may help it last longer.

Smells soft and nice like powder. Read more


I'm not a fan of this, the shades lean very warm and look incredibly unnatural