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Beauty Experts consist of estheticians, cosmetologists, makeup artists, and beauty professionals who supplied documented proof of their industry experience.


Verified Expert

People usually only use masks if they had a bad salon experience but we all need to nourish our hair just like we do with our skin. Depending on your lifestyle, activities, and how many times a week you wash your hair, results will vary... With repair masks, I usually use it on every third wash and see how my hair feels. Then when my hair feels stronger, I use it once a week then every other week.


Verified Expert

Your hair's health starts with the scalp. This is a vital product if you're looking to achieve your hair's best health.


Verified Expert

I have extremely frizzy and brittle hair and this product helped so so so much! I wish I knew about hair masks and creams before all of the damage but this helped with so much of it