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What Is It:

Hanyul Mentha Trouble Gel Cream controls sebum production, without sacrificing hydration.
Give acne-prone skin the moisture it needs to heal faster and resist new breakouts with Hanyul Mentha Trouble Gel Cream. With a lightweight gel-cream texture formulated to deliver necessary hydration without heaviness or clogging, peppermint extract to refresh and calm inflammation, and immunoglucan to strengthen the skin barrier, this moisturizer will keep your skin healthy day and night.
Hanyul Mentha Trouble Gel Cream contains all natural BHA and AHA ingredients derived straight from nature, helping to gently exfoliate and keep skin clear of any pore clogging debris. Hanyul Mentha Trouble Gel Cream is also free of 8 potentially harmful ingredients, including raw animal ingredients, mineral oils, synthetic dyes, polyacrylamide, imidazolidinyl urea, triethanolamine, fragrances, and PEG surfactants. Hanyul Mentha Trouble Gel Cream provides safe, mild, and gentle acne care and control.
Give your oily troubled skin a break. Don’t dry out your skin — heal from within — with Hanyul Mentha Trouble Gel Cream.

Our insight:

Ignore outdated advice about “drying out” pimples and blemish-prone skin. Harsh, drying acne treatments and a lack of moisture can make breakouts worse, not better. Hydrated skin heals faster, and a healthy skin barrier resists bacteria better, than stripped and damaged skin.
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How to use:

Apply a moderate amount to face after toner, essence, serum, and spot treatment. Press gently with palms to enhance absorption.


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Brand info:

Considered the Millennial-friendly version of prestige brand Sulwhasoo (both are AmorePacific brands), this hanbang-focused skincare line marries Korean herbal ingredients and traditions with parent company AmorePacific’s research and technology. Harnessing 5,000 years of hanbang knowhow with indigenous Korean black beans, rice, Jeju baekhwago mushrooms, brown pine needles, artemisia, and white chrysanthemum, Hanyul reinterprets traditional healing remedies for a new generation at a moderate price point and accessible products like their bestselling Rice Essential collection.

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