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What Is It:

You may have grown up but your skin didn’t get the memo. If acne and sebum still plague you today like they did in your youth, what’s an adult to do? It’s time to move beyond treating your skin like a teen, and Hanyul has a grown-up solution that’s as elegant as you are.
Hanyul Mentha Trouble Toner is the first step in turning oily, breakout-prone skin into a clear, fresh complexion. Hanyul’s gentle, non-irritation cleansing toner contains peppermint extract to calm inflammation and speed the healing of any active pimples you may have.
Hanyul Mentha Trouble Toner uses naturally derived AHAs and BHAs which are gentler on irritated skin. The all-natural acid combination works together in harmony to gently loosen and brush away dead skin cells which may be harboring bacteria and contributing to acne by asphyxiating the healthy skin beneath the surface. Sweep on this toner and let Hanyul Mentha Trouble Toner dissolve your clogged pores and skin eruptions. After one bottle of Hanyul Mentha Trouble Toner, you’ll be left with a clear, smooth complexion and that effortless-looking natural radiance you’ve been searching for.
Unlike harsher acne treatments you may have used in the past, Hanyul Mentha Trouble Toner is allergy tested, fragrance free, and free of the 9 major harmful ingredients such as animal raw materials, mineral oil, fragrance, polyacrylamide, imidazolidinyl urea, triethanolamine, silicone oil, synthetic pigment, and PEG surfactant.
We’re ready to leave acne in the past (along with those unfortunate bangs we had in high school). Hello Hanyul and goodbye trouble.

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How to use:

After cleansing, dispense onto cotton pad and sweep over face.


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Brand info:

Considered the Millennial-friendly version of prestige brand Sulwhasoo (both are AmorePacific brands), this hanbang-focused skincare line marries Korean herbal ingredients and traditions with parent company AmorePacific’s research and technology. Harnessing 5,000 years of hanbang knowhow with indigenous Korean black beans, rice, Jeju baekhwago mushrooms, brown pine needles, artemisia, and white chrysanthemum, Hanyul reinterprets traditional healing remedies for a new generation at a moderate price point and accessible products like their bestselling Rice Essential collection.

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