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What Is It:

Happy Christmas Gift For Perfect Daily Mood Beautytap has curated a special collection of skincare items according to different purposes (Basic, Intensive, For Men, For Perfect Daily Mood). These set of products are available for an affordable price (30% off), and will only be available for a limited period of time. Hurry and get your skincare set now! Also, get a freebie as well with your purchase! Happy Christmas Gift For Basic Skincare
→ SanDaWha Seaweed Mud Pack Happy Christmas Gift For Intensive Skincare
→ SanDaWha ReNew Moisturizing Liposome Cream Happy Christmas Gift For Men’s Skincare
→ Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Foam 150ml Happy Christmas Gift For Perfect Daily Mood
→ Romand Perfect Styling Eye Palette Glam Day Set contains: *Click on each product to view its information.

Brand info:

We at Beautytap are not only passionate about Korean beauty, we’re passionate about learning, discovering, and spreading the beauty of diversity and unique cultures around the world. We can do this through food, art, language, music – we just choose to do it through beauty. Beautytap is a place for people who share this philosophy. Our K-beauty community consists of people from around the world who make K-beauty fun, exciting, and interactive. Through community, we not only learn about products and skincare routines, we share and learn and grow to respect each other’s cultures and races. Because K-beauty isn’t just what you put on your face. It’s about the face-to-face – a lifestyle a community, a shared passion. Tap into your beauty, both inside and outside.

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