About the product

What Is It:

HARUHARU Wonder honey Green Briliant Cream gives you an anti-Inflammatory effect. The cream also has excellent brightening and skin repairing effects. It encourages healthy skin functions, including regeneration, anti-inflammatory responses and targets a multitude of skin imperfections.

How to use:

Apply to the face evenly.


Key Ingredients: Fermented Green Tea with Honey and Niacinamide

Brand info:

Haruharu is a new and special skincare brand derived from natural ingredients that strives to deliver and be honest with beauty basic skincare, as its highest priority. Wonder is an honest skincare product made with matured and fermented ingredients sourced from nature. Choosing only the most essential and minimal skincare routine for your busy life. Haruharu delivers and provides to all skin irritants at the source and preserves your pure and beautiful skin.

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I love this so much. Been using it for 4 weeks now, almost 5, and it does exactly what it claims: moisturizes and brightens! The packaging is SO cute and sturdy, and it goes hand in hand with the brand's theme of being a part of every day life. Although the cup isn't actually fully filled with product (if you hold it up to a light source, you can see the container in which the lotion actually sits in), a little goes a long way with this product, so it'll last awhile! Mine's barely... Read more

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