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About the product

What Is It:

Time to make your skin bloom with youth again with powerful vitality of 3 million narcissus stem cells. Hera Signia Cream is an ultimate care for deep nourishment and remarkable treatment effects. Rich and melt-in texture with delicate calming fragrance gently absorbs to skin deep within and leaves healthy, hydrated complexion.

How to use:

  • Put an adequate amount on your cheeks, chin and forehead in the cream step of your skincare routine after using the serum in the morning/evening, apply from the center to the outside and then massage the face as described below: Put both thumbs under the jawbone and pull the face toward the ears.
  • Pull the corners of your mouth upward while looking in the mirror, smile and then press the corners with your thumbs for 5 seconds as if you’re pressing the upper gums.
  • Put both thumbs under the cheekbones, press and pull upward like you’re pushing the bones up. Move your thumbs inside out to massage the entire cheekbone area.
  • Press the innermost corner of the eyebrows with your index and middle fingers, divide eyebrows into three parts depending on the shape of your eyebrows and then massage each part. Massage the entire eyebrows to smooth out any wrinkles between the eyebrows.
  • Sweep the skin from the innermost corner of the eyebrows to the forehead, stretch the fingers and then massage along the forehead lines.

Brand info:

Inspired by the beauty, grace, and confidence of the Seoulista woman, Hera strives to bring her sophistication and elegance not just to its skincare and makeup offerings but as an ambassador of K-beauty to the world. And with hallyu star Jun Ji Hyun as the face of the brand, it won’t be hard. Hera Rouge Holic lipsticks and UV Mist Cushion (Paris Hilton is reportedly a fan) are fast becoming must-haves, thanks to their appearance in Jun’s latest drama. And it’s not just about style — there’s plenty of substance to Hera, too. Backed by 30 years of skin cell research, Hera’s innovations include the world’s first cell-mimicking substance as well as its Cell-Bio Technology, which activates skin cells to bolster the healthy functioning of skin. Part of the AmorePacific family, this modern beauty line is every bit as sophisticated and pragmatic as its muse.

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