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What Is It:

The History of Whoo Essential Cleansing Oil brings elegance, anti-aging, and effectiveness, together. What more could you want from your first cleanser?
Your anti-aging regimen is important, even the humble cleansing steps. The History of Whoo Essential Cleansing Oil elevates the importance of a good first step cleaners and incorporates serious anti-aging principals into their famous royal court formula.
Maintaining the skin’s delicate moisture levels as you age is a tough job. Moisture loss being a major culprit to the progression of fine lines into permanent wrinkling of the skin. The History of Whoo Essential Cleansing Oil is made especially for women entering middle age, a critical time for sudden rapid moisture loss. Using traditional Korean herbal medicinal principals, this cleansing oil addresses the pitfalls of this period in a woman’s life when moisture on all fronts is beginning to decrease as she transitions into her twilight years. Using highly nutritious apricot kernel oil, all of your makeup, dirt, impurities, and even sunscreen will be completely removed without the drying effects known to plague cheaper formulations.
The main principal of this elegant oil cleanser is maintaining and adding moisture to skin as it cleans. In addition to this, Korean herbal hanbang medicinal principals, such as removing “heat” (or irritants) from the skin with the use of and reduce swelling of tissues due to external stressors thus reducing cellular damage with the use of the powerful herb Rhizoma anermarrhenae. Herbs such as these were once reserved strictly for members of the royal court, but thanks to The History of Whoo, are now available to you to indulge your inner empress.
The History of Whoo Essential Cleansing Oil isn’t just your first step in cleansing, it’s your first step in anti-aging care.

Our insight:

The History of Whoo Essential Cleansing Oil has a less runny texture, making it a great choice for those who wants to avoid the dripping mess sometimes associated with other first cleansers on the market.
Find out why Wings of Midnight calls The History of Whoo Essential Cleansing Oil here.
For more analysis of the ingredients, check out COSDNA.

How to use:

Apply on dry skin and massage gently to remove oil-based makeup and sunscreen. Rinse with lukewarm water and follow with a water-based cleanser.



Brand info:

This prestige beauty brand focuses on exclusive hanbang ingredients in an elegant, sophisticated package. With jars and vials that look more like little works of Korean art, Whoo was founded to revive the aesthetic of Korean royal culture through modern science and technology. From their essential ginseng-based Gongjinhyang line to their whitening Cheongidan line, formulated with rare ingredients like velvet deer antler extract and jade extract, The History of Whoo truly offers a luxury hanbang experience. With Lee Young Ae as the face of the brand for the last decade, The History of Whoo is best known in Korea and is slowly making their way to the rest of the world.

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